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January 2021

Tabitha Evans lays out essential lessons for budding interior designers looking for a leg up in their career.

Charts, graphs and information on planting fruit trees in grass, gravel or dirt in the Arizona desert.

A stand-alone master’s chamber is rebuilt with sophisticated French flair.

Transformations, January 2021 Editor's Letter

Tried-and-true elements of farmhouse style are shaken up with bold contemporary personality.

Our things to read for January 2021

Furniture designer Peter Moosbrugger translates imagination into reality.

Now in Bloom

A large, unusable yard gets a complete change-up with unexpected touches and a nod to desert living.

Garden solutions Q&A

Successfully grow fruit trees in the arid Southwest.

An inside look at the flowing forms of Urban Design Associates.

What to plant in the low, mid and high elevations

Straight lines and a minimalist materials palette define a modern North Scottsdale manor.

Taking a cue from winter’s fashion trends, home design has embraced leather. Instead of being limited to sofas and chairs, the supple material—both genuine and faux—is popping up in unexpected places, adding a sense of strength, comfort and enduring elegance.

After living more than a decade in the Golden State, a pro ball player and his family find joy and serenity in Arizona’s northeastern forests.

Enhance your home and well-being through the beauty and healing powers of earth’s natural art.

Bring a sense of fun, fantasy or fabulousness to your home with a bold wall mural.

A Central Phoenix Haver Home is given a contemporary update that Celebrates its architectural legacy.

Artist Diana Madaras paints the subtle beauty of life and landscape in the Sonoran Desert.

Incorporating a variety of styles, a Biltmore-area town home comes into the 21st century.

A collection of retro-themed serigraphs gives rise to a mod remodel.

Tucson Marketplace January 2021 Special Advertising Section

For a simple refresh or a full-on redo, here’s your guide to the Valley’s best indoor and outdoor products and services.

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