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Deliberate architectural features underscore a home’s profound relationship with its

Marlene Imirzian honors Sonoran beauty with architecture that blends design

Phoenix architect Mark Tate’s love of design began at an early age and continues to inspire him in all walks of life.

The ultimate guide to professional architects and builders in Arizona.

Tried-and-true elements of farmhouse style are shaken up with bold contemporary personality.

An inside look at the flowing forms of Urban Design Associates.

Straight lines and a minimalist materials palette define a modern North Scottsdale manor.

After living more than a decade in the Golden State, a pro ball player and his family find joy and serenity in Arizona’s

All through the house, an imaginary mouse inspires a sense of year-round whimsy.

A modern ranch dwelling with a unique subterranean living space blends into its charming suburban setting.

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