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Interior Design

Living room designed by Tabitha Evans

In her new book, Becoming a Designer of Distinction: What

Emily Hutchinson (left) was inspired by her own time spent with roommates, including two old school friends, Maddy (middle) and Felicity Burke (right). “Living with them was so much fun – going to sleep and waking up with your friends every day is a special thing,” said Hutchinson. (Photo by Pablo Veiga)

Sharing a living space with someone can be challenging if

Interior designer Matthew Boland’s work is stylish, discreet and meticulous.

When it comes to interiors, Anita Lang goes for meaning along with style.

A stand-alone master’s chamber is rebuilt with sophisticated French flair.

A Central Phoenix Haver Home is given a contemporary update that Celebrates its architectural legacy.

A collection of retro-themed serigraphs gives rise to a mod remodel.

Two design professionals create the ultimate family home that shines even brighter during the holidays.

The holidays are merry and bright at one guest-friendly Paradise Valley abode.

A soothing Paradise Valley sanctuary showcases sleek lines, subdued shades and iconic Arizona views.

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