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Landscape + Garden

Bursting with verdant plantings and flowering flora, a Sonoran landscape

Beguiled by the desert’s beauty, an East Coast couple sets

In this "stay at home" era, there's no time like the present to invest in the beauty of your living space – inside and

A landscape designer transforms a historic property into a modern masterpiece.

A midcentury Scottsdale home grows from past to present.

Cultivated gardens by landscape designer Jeremy McVicars redefine lushness in a desert setting

Part of a whole-house redo, a lush landscape beckons with a series of inviting outdoor spaces.

An innovative water feature offers a window into a subaquatic world.

An abundance of boulders and indigenous flora reunify a once-tropical landscape with its desert surroundings.

Highlighting a collection of outdoor art, curated desert flora makes a mature landscape come alive.

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