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Southwest Garden Guide

Your guide to gardening and landscaping in the Southwest.

Your guide to gardening and landscaping in the Southwest.

Artistic compositions of showy plants enliven an outdoor retreat.

Vegetated roofs are a logical—but uncommon—solution for desert homes.

Houseplants that add a dash of drama.

Discover how the plants of the Sonoran Desert nourish the soul while feeding the body.

What to know before you break ground.

Attract flashy flyers to your garden with nectar-rich flowers.

Bougainvillea is commonly used in bonsai in milder climates and is perhaps one of the easiest bonsai plants in the low desert for beginners.

The basics of animal control and dealing with persistent guests.

For successful home-growing in Arizona, follow these climate-specific rules.

Use these tips to bring your plants and lawn through the summer with minimal stress.

Whether container-grown or bare root, these heat-loving beauties are a must-have in the garden.

For controlling unruly desert flora, use care and make the kindest cut.

Following a move to the East Valley, one gardener rediscovers her love of backyard horticulture.

Invite these no-fuss entertainers into your landscape to control insects.

A water harvesting system allows you and your neighbors to harness this cherished desert resource.

How to know when your desert giant is ailing.

There is nothing more savory than cooking with freshly harvested herbs.

Controlling pests naturally for a balanced garden ecosystem.

Gardening expert Kelly Murray Young answers our reader's most pressing questions.

Beguiled by the desert’s beauty, an East Coast couple sets their sights on a landscape that reflects the region’s distinctive flora.

Understanding and incorporating these simple techniques will turn you into a seasoned desert gardener in no time.

When well-chosen, mulch is good for gardens.

How to get started adding nutrients to your soil.

Steadfast and sturdy, succulents are also beautiful when you take a closer look.

A welcome addition of splashy color throughout the summer months.

Colorful and fragrant, this tropical stunner is an unexpected Valley garden accent.

A landscape renovation takes a Paradise Valley yard from lackluster retreat to serene sanctuary.

A sloping lot in Prescott Valley enchants an avid gardening couple.

Four rose varieties that will beautify your desert southwest garden.

A well-planned arrangement of native plants results in a landscape that wows year-round.

Landscape designer Chad Norris stays inside the box on one of his most successful projects.

Incorporating rock into garden spaces is a favorite choice for Southwestern homeowners.

As a desert-friendly accent for yards and gardens, ocotillo fencing is uniquely Sonoran.

We asked the experts to weigh in on some of their favorite desert-friendly flora.

Boulder farms help homeowners and designers re-create the desert’s natural ambience and charm.

Four desert flowers and plants that pop color in the heat of the Arizona summer.

With a few tips in mind, you can capture these ephemeral beauties for posterity, printing or posting on social media.

Blooming from early spring to late fall, the vibrant red flowers attract hummingbirds and other pollinators.

In North Scottsdale, a desert canvas comes to life with swaths of verdant foliage and brilliantly hued blooms.

Plant these vibrant bloomers for a showcase of color from spring to fall.

What to plant, prune and pluck this summer, according to your elevation

A guide for what to plant based on your home’s elevation in Arizona this spring.

What to plant in the low, mid and high elevations

November garden checklist of what to plant in all elevations.