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Phoenix artist Michael Carson’s paintings of enigmatic people in ambiguous situations have earned him a worldwide following.

Eighty-five years ago, the Desert Botanical Garden forever changed our prickly relationship with succulents and cacti.

Pyramidal art forms carved into the Arizona desert create a stunning piece of land art

A celebrated artist created one of the largest pieces of land art in Arizona for a band of the same name. A dry

Artist Laura Thurbon posing with a mural of a hummingbird

For Scottsdale artist and educator Laura Thurbon, anything can be a canvas, from walls and clothing to even some unlikely surfaces. The painter recently

Portrait of a woman in a black and white striped dress

As a fashion industry veteran turned artist who recently renovated her home, Laura Madden is keenly aware of how art, couture and interior design

A new “artelier” in Phoenix is a lively, multipurpose space that revolves around the creation, display and celebration of modern Mexican art.

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