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Landscape + Garden

Rare specimen cacti and sculptural plant groupings define a desert

With refreshed plantings, a yard becomes a luxurious desert landscape.

A welcoming destination for family and visitors, a 12-acre desert property radiates resortlike ambience.

For homeowners who loved their house but not their yard, a landscape overhaul made everything right.

The gardens of a North Scottsdale vacation retreat are a canvas for the homeowners’ collection of contemporary art.

Replete with imaginative murals and surrounded by desert landscaping, a basic ranch house steals the spotlight

A new exhibit integrates video, light and sound at Desert Botanical Garden.

Inspired by the stately saguaro, a sparse landscape is transformed into a show-stopping profusion of native flora.

Discover How the Plants of the Sonoran Desert Nourish the Soul While Feeding the Body