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Elegant Impact

Bring a sense of fun, fantasy or fabulousness to your home with a bold wall mural.

By Carly Scholl

You don’t have to remodel your entire house to achieve a fresh new look in your interiors. Instead, you can transform a room with a modern mural that takes the concept of an accent wall to a dramatic level. Using high-quality materials and updated technology, today’s wallcoverings are simple to install yourself and even easier to remove if you want to switch up your style on a whim.

Bloom Big

Featuring a geometric patchwork of various floral wallcovering prints dating from 1946 to the present, Amethyst Timepiece, Graham & Brown’s “Mural of the Year 2021,” is a daring and sumptuous design suited for sophisticated abodes. $7/sq. ft. (

Larger-Than-Life Art

Celebrate your love of the Bauhaus era with a vibrantly modern mural featuring artist Wassily Kandinsky’s “Delicate Tension No. 85” watercolor. The striking lines and intricate geometric details will inspire conversation and jump-start your creativity. $130-$1,067 (

Globally Conscious

For the worldly aesthete, a large-scale map prominently adorning an accent wall will inspire wanderlust from the comfort of home. Choose between 15 styles, which feature everything from watercolor florals to vintage neutrals, created by artist and architect Rosana Laiz Garcia. $5.85/sq. ft. (

A Wistful Wall

June Grass, a subdued but stylish mural, evokes a nature-inspired note in interiors. The custom print is available in both Indigo Ombre and White Sage colorways, and is simple
to install thanks to the peel-and-stick back liner. $15/sq. ft. (

Graphic Design

Sporting modern lines and dusty pink and teal tones, the Arch Deco wall mural is an optical accent that adds depth and ultracool interest to any room. $5.50/sq. ft. (

Subtlety in Simplicity

Designed by artist Teodora Guererra, Melody in White imitates a texturized painted wall without the effort. Artistic brushstrokes of misty gray hues will wash your room in serenity. $370-$645 (


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