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February/March 2021

Art appraiser Allison Gee shares her secret weapons for assessing artwork.

Scottsdale artist Jeff Zischke takes inspiration from a glacial mass for his backyard casita.

Deliberate architectural features underscore a home’s profound relationship with its location and owners.

A look at Mexico’s centuries-old art of making Talavera ceramics.

Sustainable style is on trend with animal-friendly prints, patterns and shapes.

An interior designer revamps her own home into a stylish expression of personality.

The new “Wind, Water, Earth” exhibition at Desert Botanical Garden translates the elements into fantastical floral sculptures.

Fanciful vases and vessels handcrafted by Valley artisans bring bespoke beauty to your home.

Heart-shaped houseplants are a clever—and decidedly longer lasting— alternative to Valentine’s Day roses.

Landscape designer Katie Coates shares her favorite seasonal desert flowers.

A guide for what to plant based on your home’s elevation in Arizona this spring.

Marlene Imirzian honors Sonoran beauty with architecture that blends design with sustainability, history and context.

Interior designer Matthew Boland’s work is stylish, discreet and meticulous.

Horticulturist Brian Kissinger brings a masterful touch to the art of designing desert landscapes.

When it comes to interiors, Anita Lang goes for meaning along with style.

Phoenix architect Mark Tate’s love of design began at an early age and continues to inspire him in all walks of life.

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