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Editor’s Letter – February/March 2021

By John Roark

Photo by Jesse Reiser

I am frequently asked to name my favorite aspect of my job. There are many “best parts,” and of course having the opportunity to visit truly stellar homes and gardens is right up there. When what I see before me makes my jaw drop or renders me speechless—whether it is a room, a home or a landscape—it is very good for the soul.

But by far what brings me the greatest pleasure is meeting and getting to know the creators that we have the honor of collaborating with daily. They are the forces behind those exquisite houses, swoonworthy interiors, unforgettable landscapes and artworks that hum with genius. Learning how they got where they are, what drives them and how they express their talent, never gets old.

Since 1990, Phoenix Home & Garden has honored nearly 300 individuals such as these with Masters of the Southwest designation. On the following pages, we introduce you to the “Class of ’21,”: seven individuals who knock our socks off. We are delighted to call them our friends and honored every time their work graces our pages. Collectively their skills, vision and impact in the Valley—and beyond—is immeasurable. Join us in celebrating them and their achievements.

In other news, we’re happy to bring back a page that was a favorite of countless readers for many years: Fab 4. Every issue in our GROW section, look for a themed quartet of plants to consider for your own garden. For its triumphant return, we take a look at houseplants that have a distinctly Valentine’s Day vibe.


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