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Exquisite: Urban Living, Grand Gardens, Desert Estates, October/November 2021 Editor's Letter

Landscape designer Chad Norris shares a trio of his favorite colorful garden picks.

If you’re looking for a design element that’s unexpected, fresh and timeless, look no further than this age-old material.

Vegetated roofs are a logical—but uncommon—solution for desert homes.

For successful home-growing in Arizona, follow these climate-specific rules.

Colorful and fragrant, this tropical stunner is an unexpected Valley garden accent.

Incorporating rock into garden spaces is a favorite choice for Southwestern homeowners.

As a desert-friendly accent for yards and gardens, ocotillo fencing is uniquely Sonoran.

We asked the experts to weigh in on some of their favorite desert-friendly flora.

Jewel Box Homes, August/September 2021 Editor's Letter