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December 2020

Iraq war veteran James Drury discovered his passion almost by accident when he happened upon the wood shop at the Arizona Veterans Administration.

From our library to yours, check out these five new titles.

No matter how you celebrate this time of year, we’ve rounded up a few universal essentials Every host and hostess needs to make their festive fêtes and seasonal soirées a holiday hit.

Tools of the trade used to restore a cello made in 1917.

If you’re looking for the perfect red, white or rosé to complement your holiday fare, Arizona wineries bottle an impressive array of award-winning varietals.

Modern homes are embracing the once-frowned upon trend of mixing metallic finishes.

I found a centipede in a houseplant we have had for many years. It was common to find centipedes indoors when I lived on the East Coast, but I didn’t think we had to worry about them in Arizona. Where did it come from, and how do I prevent them from coming back?

What to plant in all elevations and the garden maintenance you need to take in December.

There’s one modern-day photographer whose work rivals that of the legends in terms of its scope and importance: Tempe-based Mark Klett.

Frequently an afterthought, guest bedrooms sometimes don’t get the attention they—or their future inhabitants—deserve. Instead, show your visitors they’re welcome in your home by creating a soothing escape punctuated by thoughtful touches.

Two design professionals create the ultimate family home that shines even brighter during the holidays.

All through the house, an imaginary mouse inspires a sense of year-round whimsy.

A landscape update is infused with new life that echoes its majestic surroundings.

Holidays at Home, December 2020 Editor's Letter

The holidays are merry and bright at one guest-friendly Paradise Valley abode.

Tucson Marketplace December 2020 Special Advertising Section

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