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Incorporate mixed metal fixtures and accessories in your interiors

Some design rules are made to be broken, and modern homes that are embracing the once-frowned upon trend of mixing metallic finishes are showing off glamorous results. “I think people are initially hesitant about mismatching metals because they have always heard that it is a no-no,” explains interior designer Tanya Shively. “But you can absolutely pull this look off if you use items that you love, keep the styles compatible and don’t get carried away with feeling that you need an equal amount of each finish. Just adding one item in your accent metal can be enough to create interest.”

If you’re looking to transform your interiors with unlikely metallic pairings, the designer suggests focusing the aesthetic in a specific room. Kitchens and bathrooms tend to be the most compatible with this trend because there are so many different fixtures that can be metal,” she notes. Plumbing manufacturers are getting on board and designing faucets that use two different finishes as part of the design aesthetic, to great effect. nd these aren’t the brass-and-chrome combinations of the ’90s. These are fresh new styles that are paired in a modern way. Black matte is popular right now, and I often see it joined with brass or copper tones.”

To ease into the trend, try experimenting with decorative accessories. “A grouping of mismatched candlesticks on a dining table or mantel creates a collected feeling better than objects that are all the same style and finish,” notes Shively. “We’re already breaking old design traditions, so don’t let rules stand in your way.”


Make a statement in your kitchen with the Classic collection of appliances in vibrant hues that also feature a blend of copper, nickel, chrome or brass trims. The range, dishwasher and refrigerator are all customizable in nearly any color you can dream of. Starting at $2,295 to $7,295.


If you’re wary about mixing too many metals, try using different tones within the same material family. The SoLuna Copper Pendant Lights come in three silhouettes and five finishes that will bring a sense of warmth and beauty to any room in the house.  Starting at $149 each.


The classic silhouette of the split-finish Traditional PLP Pulldown Faucet from Waterstone is brought into the modern era when sporting a mix of metals. Choose between seven standard metallic hues, including nickel, chrome and bronze, to create the ideal fixture for your kitchen. Prices vary.


The three-light Fyra fixture from Schonbek demonstrates the marvelous marriage of muted matte black with gleaming gold accents. Diamond-shaped crystals hang inside each 8″-square cube, refracting illumination and catching attention. $9,885.


Be bold in your bathroom with the warm metallic finish of Hudson Old Bronze tile, a rectangular, glazed brick that pops when paired with more subtle styles. $43/square foot.


Small details can make a big impact when styled with a little drama. The black-and-brass color combo of the Electricity switch panel, along with its rock n’ roll industrial flair, brings an unexpected edge to what is often an overlooked household necessity. Available in four finish combinations. Prices vary.


The sleek Adams Faucet can be customized in 28 finishes but will stand out in any setting when outfitted in of-the-moment matte black and satin bronze. $1,014.


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