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Dye your own beautiful fabrics with the help of colorful plants grown in your own garden.

The art and science of fabric dyeing, desert-style

Does your yard suffer from winter doldrums? If year-round color is on your garden wish list, plant these desert natives this spring for a

Grow these plants right in your own backyard and brew delicious teas from various parts of the plant.

An exotic plant species enchanted a local horticulturist with a penchant for color and form.

A local gardener embraces all aspects of the distinguished desert plants.

Start planning a refresh for your summer-weary garden with brilliantly hued winter and spring annuals to delight the senses. Each of these selections is

These colorful growers will add beauty and texture to walls, fences and trellises.

Create your own Japanese Friendship Garden with these Zen plants.

These aquatic plants make an elegant addition to backyard ponds or containers.