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These colorful growers will add beauty and texture to walls, fences and trellises.

Create your own Japanese Friendship Garden with these Zen plants.

These aquatic plants make an elegant addition to backyard ponds or containers.

Add a touch of the tropics to your garden with these desert-adapted hibiscus and hibiscus lookalikes—no hothouse required.

Bring your love for lavender (the color) to your outdoors without limiting yourself to lavender (the plant). These selections in various shades of the

Brighten up your post-summer yard by planting splashes of color throughout your flower beds and containers with these recommendations by Shane Cook of Treeland

These desert-adapted agave species are a living work of art.

With its boost in humidity and rainfall, the summer monsoon is a great time to plant produce, especially these desert-adapted heritage seeds.

Attract a variety of monarchs and other butterflies to your garden with these Arizona native milkweed species recommended by Kim Pegram, pollinator biologist at

A cadre of confounding yet uniquely beautiful desert plants.