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Four desert flowers and plants that pop color in the heat of the Arizona summer.

With a few tips in mind, you can capture these ephemeral beauties for posterity, printing or posting on social media.

The Valley boasts ideal conditions for growing exotic tropical fruits well beyond the typical citrus.

Night-flowering Echinopsis hybrids are bloom with color throughout the summer.

Container gardens provide mini-landscapes for patios large and small. These plants, recommended by Melinda Walton of Berridge Nurseries, flourish in pots with minimal maintenance.

Heart-shaped houseplants are a clever—and decidedly longer lasting— alternative to Valentine’s Day roses.

A garden renovation recalls the romantic beauty and rich history of a Valley landmark.

A lush, layered landscape sets the perfect stage for a welcoming family retreat.

Vertical gardening solutions for small spaces.

This multifunctional sponge can be grown in your own garden.