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These tropical houseplants are a breath of fresh air. Add some low-light tolerant tropical plants to your interiors with these recommendations by Nick, Echo

From desert-adapted salad greens to wildflowers, you can bank on these heirloom seeds recommended by Sheryl Joy of Native Seeds/SEARCH in Tucson.

Bougainvillea is commonly used in bonsai in milder climates and is perhaps one of the easiest bonsai plants in the low desert for beginners.

Following a move to the East Valley, one gardener rediscovers her love of backyard horticulture.

A sloping lot in Prescott Valley enchants an avid gardening couple.

Four rose varieties that will beautify your desert southwest garden.

Four desert flowers and plants that pop color in the heat of the Arizona summer.

With a few tips in mind, you can capture these ephemeral beauties for posterity, printing or posting on social media.

The Valley boasts ideal conditions for growing exotic tropical fruits well beyond the typical citrus.

Night-flowering Echinopsis hybrids are bloom with color throughout the summer.