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Container gardens provide mini-landscapes for patios large and small. These plants, recommended by Melinda Walton of Berridge Nurseries, flourish in pots with minimal maintenance.

Heart-shaped houseplants are a clever—and decidedly longer lasting— alternative to Valentine’s Day roses.

A garden renovation recalls the romantic beauty and rich history of a Valley landmark.

A lush, layered landscape sets the perfect stage for a welcoming family retreat.

Vertical gardening solutions for small spaces.

This multifunctional sponge can be grown in your own garden.

Captured in their moments of colorful glory, flowering cacti put on a show.

The fuchsia favorite takes on a new form as a sculptural bonsai tree.

Imaginative plantings and inviting outdoor living spaces transform a DC Ranch landscape into a whimsical wonderland.

Tips and tricks to photographing cacti and succulents