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June/July 2022

What to do, where to go, what to see and who to know from our sister publication, PHOENIX magazine.

Our picks for the top 9 events and exhibitions in Phoenix and Scottsdale for June and July 2022.

A simple remodel brings a big transition to a dated home.

Seeing Phoenix landmarks through the eyes of up-and-coming artist Aileen Martinez

With its boost in humidity and rainfall, the summer monsoon is a great time to plant produce, especially these desert-adapted heritage seeds.

A weekend workshop reveals the cultural traditions of the saguaro fruit harvest in Ajo.

What to plant, prune and pluck this summer, according to your elevation.

The fish hook barrel cactus can bring a distinctive accent to Arizona gardens.

The owners of The Buffalo Collection in Scottsdale focus on smaller, unique Southwest-centric finds at their new store: Buffalo Boutique.

A gardening micro-influencer shares her inspiration and crafty, creative recipes using cuttings from her garden.

Neckties are cliché. Show your dad you “get him” with these curated gifts for techies, tastemakers, outdoorsmen and everything in between.

Pale and pretty or bold and brash, color can imbue a home with energy and personality. Here’s how to do it right.

3D printing paves the way for more affordable housing in the Valley and beyond.

The majesty and power of a desert storm

A fresh perspective works wonders in these dramatic home makeovers.

5 New Design and Gardening Books to Read This Month

A 19th-century Jerome building gets transformed into a rambling, very personal vacation retreat.

A Carefree couple finds solitude and joy in their luxurious outdoor gardens.

A modern couple refreshes their home while paying tribute to its architectural integrity.

A modern, Prairie-style estate echoes the timeless beauty and grandeur of its neighboring resort.

Interior designer Julia Buckingham orchestrates the technicolor metamorphosis of a dated Scottsdale property.

A Phoenix couple makes the leap from family home to townhouse living without giving style.

Dare to make a bold statement with this luscious color family.

A designer’s thoughtful, intentional choices transform an unimaginative tract home into her signature aesthetic.


In the June/July issue, you will find plenty of inspiration on remodeling and renovating