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From architecture to agriculture to wildlife preservation, these Valley residents are proving that caring for the environment can be a part of our everyday

Art-o-mat, vintage cigarette machines repurposed to dispense miniature works of art, is a novel, affordable way to start a collection.

Phoenix artist John Albert Armstrong crafts pieces with salvaged aluminum, his material of choice for everything from printmaking to painting to sculpture.

As more people flock to the pastime of birdwatching, a new book celebrates Arizona’s wealth of avian diversity and beauty.

A multitalented young designer infuses art into all aspects of his life.

Kathleen Hope starts with a most mundane material to create colorful, textural works of art.

Pale and pretty or bold and brash, color can imbue a home with energy and personality. Here’s how to do it right.

Best gardening practices to benefit Arizona’s struggling monarch butterfly population.

Artist Tamara Scott-Anderson plumbs her own neighborhood for the elements that go into her vivid, tactile woven sculptures.

No medium is off limits in a Mesa artist’s exploration of the human condition.