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Editor’s Letter—July 2019

For Art’s Sake

As we were in production on this issue of Phoenix Home & Garden, fine art was making headlines. On May 15 in New York City, a post-war and contemporary art auction held at Christie’s brought a record $538.9 million, smashing previous records for blue-chip works. The undisputed star of the evening was Jeff Koons’ stainless steel Rabbit (1986), which fetched $91.1 million, making Koons the highest paid living artist.

Here in the Valley, creativity is alive and well. We take great pride in Arizona-based artists who have broken through to gain recognition nationally and beyond. The works of Ed Mell, James Turrell, Mayme Kratz, and Gabriel and Isaac Fortoul, to name only a few, are undeniably of this place and are collected and valued beyond our borders. Let us also celebrate the next generation of important voices who will make us proud.

Photo by Sameer Puri

On these pages, we pay tribute to art in its many forms by introducing you to established creatives, exciting new talent, champions of burgeoning creativity, and homes that feature lovingly curated and deeply personal collections. We aim to inspire you with the nuance, variety, excitement and possibilities that can transform your own abode.

Whether it’s your child’s preschool drawings taped to the fridge, a hand-painted canvas you found in a local boutique or that piece you sprang for when you got your first big paycheck, what you place in your space is there because it resonates with you. There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to collecting and displaying art. What is important is to never stop learning, looking, experiencing and encouraging creativity. Resolve to visit local galleries and museums on a regular basis. Attend openings and speak with artists. Empower a creative young person to express themselves in whatever medium that speaks to them. Every artist deserves a chance. The next Jeff Koons could be right here just waiting to happen.

John Roark
Editor in Chief


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