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Horticulturist Brian Kissinger brings a masterful touch to the art of designing desert landscapes.

Tried-and-true elements of farmhouse style are shaken up with bold contemporary personality.

Furniture designer Peter Moosbrugger translates imagination into reality.

Bring a sense of fun, fantasy or fabulousness to your home with a bold wall mural.

No matter how you celebrate this time of year, we’ve rounded up a few universal essentials Every host and hostess needs to make their

Modern homes are embracing the once-frowned upon trend of mixing metallic finishes.

In addition to an extensive palette of plants, Dig It Gardens lovingly cultivates a community.

Alfresco artforms add a personal touch to your exteriors.

Create a wine retreat in your own home with advice from the experts.

Floral designer Morgan Anderson elevates her botanical arrangements to artistic levels.