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Creating a Garden Gallery

Alfresco artforms add a personal touch to your exteriors.

Art is an essential part of making a house feel like a home, and that same principle is true of your landscape. While verdant foliage, sculptural succulents and magnificent flowers are works of art in their own right, handcrafted creations can enhance your enjoyment of your backyard and bring an extra element of interest and beauty to select spaces. Nestle a stately statue in a cluster of cacti or make your patio pop with a statement-making wall hanging—there’s no wrong way to express your artistic side in the great outdoors.

Perennial Blooms

Ceramist Jim Sudal’s new collection of garden spikes features cheerful sunflower, magnolia and queen of the night blossoms. Individually affixed to rust-resistant metal rods, these decorative designs, made from durable white stoneware, look stunning tucked into potted plants or garden plots. 17″H by 7″ in diameter. $45 each. (

Swirling Circles

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation thanks to a UV-stabilized coating, these hanging steel bowls are the works of local artist Peter Skidd. Customize a design that brings panache to your porch or patio by selecting a size and your favorite hues. Sizes vary. $2,365-$5,610 (

Jewelry for Your Yard

Local glassblower Juston Daniels crafts delicate terrariums perfect for hanging from a patio awning, pergola or a low tree branch. Measuring 8″ in diameter, each unique vessel features vibrant dappled hues and is just the right size to hold a small succulent, air plant or electric tea candle. $48 (

Artistic Abstractions

Crafted from raw, oxidized hot-rolled steel, the Solstice Triptych is inspired by artist Daniel Moore’s interest in astronomy, planetary objects and the environmental influence the sun has on the earth. Measuring 42″H by 36″W by 2″D, the trio of wall panels includes welded hooks for easy hanging. $1,350 (

Statement Maker

Comprising stainless steel and an artful blend of white and gray granite stones, the “War in Heaven” landscape sculpture is a powerful work that uses texture, negative space, color and composition to capture the interest of curious observers. Placed in a garden setting, this geometric piece by artist Chris Itsell contrasts beautifully with surrounding organic elements. 68″H by 29″W by 12″D. $4,250 (

Guardians of the Garden

The iconic Midway Gardens Sprite statues that overlook the entrance of the Arizona Biltmore Resort can find a home in your own backyard. The cast-concrete figures are authentic full-scale reproductions of the originals, which were first created in 1913 for Frank Lloyd Wright’s Midway Gardens project in Chicago. Available in four sizes; pictured: 31″H by 6″D by 7″W.  $287-$2,451 (

The Music of Mother Nature

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of Paolo Soleri’s experimental town, “The Legacy of Arcosanti” is the newest addition to the Cosanti Cause Bell Collection. Proceeds from the commemorative design will support preservation of this architectural icon, and you’ll enjoy the serene sounds of a bronze windbell chiming in your landscape for years to come. 24″H by 5″W. $125-$150 (


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