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Through the Lens: Photographer Captures Iconic Downtown Phoenix Architecture

Photo by Nikola Olic

One day is all it took for nationally renowned photographer Nikola Olic to capture the timeless beauty of downtown Phoenix.

“My attraction to the city was for its architecture, open spaces, excellent light and great weather,” says the Dallas resident and former Serbia native. “I studied the city ahead of my trip to identify interesting buildings and consider how best to use the angle of the sun for my shots.”

The Renaissance Phoenix Downtown Hotel (pictured) intrigued Olic for its unusual oval windows and repetitive patterns, which he says make a statement even from afar.

“It is a dance between the familiar and the unfamiliar,” he explains. “Although it is one of the most famous downtown structures, it is not easily recognizable. These objects—be they beautiful or otherwise—are all around us and can help us see the world in a different way, through the joy and discovery of photography.

Gallery: Downtown Phoenix Architecture Photos by Nikola Olic


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