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February 2020 sources

Artist and gallery owners alike agree that the No. 1 reason to buy a piece of art is because it moves you.

Tucson Marketplace February 2020 Special Advertising Section.

Using miscellaneous parts from junkyards, thrift stores and salvage heaps, local artist Joe Willie creates fantastical works of sculpture that are more than meets

Scottsdale's Powers brothers have been creating intricate stained glass for more than three decades. Watch how they make their modern marvels.

With more than 466 million people worldwide affected by disabling hearing loss, helpful technology can no longer fall by the wayside.

Tucson Marketplace January 2020 Special Advertising Section.

For many, the new year signals a fresh start. And what better way to make a grand debut than to update your home with

January 2020 sources

Find amazing local gifts for family and friends this holiday season.