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Take a Virtual Tour of Taliesin West

Though the Scottsdale institution is closed temporarily due to COVID-19, architecture lovers can virtually tour the property.

Through the combination of a powerful 3D imaging laser scanner, sophisticated documentation and an immersive media platform, audiences can virtually explore Taliesin West, the winter home and desert laboratory of one of the world’s most prolific architects, Frank Lloyd Wright.

Recently-designated as part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site, along with 7 other Wright sites, Taliesin West is the first Frank Lloyd Wright property made freely available online using new technology created by Leica Geosystems. Viewers can experience Wright’s usage of compression and release as they enter the Garden Room. They can stand on the edge of the Prow and view the desert landscape and surrounding view, where Wright himself stood and described it as “the rim of the world.” They’ll be able to take in the structural desert masonry as they wander the hallways and pass unique elements such as the light fixtures and furniture, most of which were designed by Wright himself. True to Wright’s vision, the virtual experience represents a new way for the world to access, preserve, and reflect on design and organic architecture.

Photos by Andrew Pielage.

The virtual tour is free and can be accessed by visiting

Although the property is temporarily closed due to the Coronavirus, virtual visitors are encouraged to plan a visit in the future to experience the site in person. A good way to support the organization now, in this time of need, is by purchasing a membership, which includes passes for annual visits to Taliesin West, along with reciprocal benefits at Wright Sites across the country.


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