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PHOENIX Magazine Editors’ Picks for August/September 2022

A look at August and September through the eyes of our sister publication.


Someone to Know

Laura Hansen
Owner, Saddle Mountain Brewing Co.

While the hospitality industry has always had a high turnover rate, restaurants have suffered the most during the “great resignation.” But the employees of Saddle Mountain Brewing Company—the Goodyear brewery that won a Great American Beer Festival award in 2020— remain loyal to owner Laura Hansen, who made sure her team was fed during the pandemic. One of 48 accomplished Phoenicians profiled in our annual Great 48 list, the former teacher says it was in the classroom that she developed her management style. “I value other people and what they bring to the table,” she says. “But I’m aware the buck stops with me.”

Something to Eat

Lom Wong

Not to be confused with Long Wong’s—a fading chain of Valley chicken wing joints—this couple-owned Thai restaurant on Roosevelt Row explores culinary territory previously untouched in the Valley, according to food critic Nikki Buchanan in her ecstatic review. Dubbing the folksy, regional cooking “a revelatory feast of the senses,” Buchanan commends owner Alex and Sunny Martin for reaching beyond “the same 40 items we’ve been eating here in Phoenix since the first Thai restaurants started popping up in the 1980s.” Among the highlights: jin tup, a specialty of Northern Thailand made by grilling marinated flank steak over special Thai charcoal, then pounding it with a mallet “until the beef is shredded to something akin to light, feathery beef jerky,” writes Buchanan. “It’s rich, salty and completely addictive. Next time, I’m having it with a beer.”

Rob Ballard

Somewhere to Go

Prescott Day Trip 

In our monthly Day Trip travel feature, associate editor Maddie Rutherford visits legendary in-and-out high country getaway Prescott. Here’s a taste of her trip.

Hiking With Llamas
Haven’t you heard? Grand Canyon mule hikes are so last year. Instead, you can find us in Prescott hanging with a friendly herd of llamas. Get up close and personal with these affectionate pack animals while learning about the natural wonders and wildlife of Northern Arizona on a full- or half-day hike with Arizona Backcountry Llamas.

Summer Concert Series
These groovy plein-air performances bring the community together—families and four-legged friends included—every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evening through Aug. 26. Held at the Yavapai County Courthouse Plaza smack-dab in the center of town, these free concerts showcase a wide range of tunes from jazz ensembles, local rock bands and chamber orchestras. 120 S. Cortez St.,

Photo Op: Watson Lake
Find a new angle at this frequently photographed reservoir surrounded by stunning granite cliffs. Arrive at sunset to capture striking specular reflections of candy-colored skies.
3101 Watson Lake Road, (928)777-1122,

Something to Buy

Shopping at Klassy Kloset Boutique 

Fashion is part of the fabric of the Swan family. Matriarch Tequilla met her husband when they were working at a clothing store in Milwaukee, and her son launched his own apparel brands after the family moved to Chandler. Now she and daughters Janet and Tara run Klassy Kloset Boutique, an online women’s retailer with personal styling and in-home shopping services. “I used to be an influencer for other brands,” Tara says. “I’m like, ‘Why don’t we start our own clothing business? We’re amazing, bad females. Let’s do this.’” Their wares reflect current trends while maintaining a classic vibe. And they’re not afraid to get creative with their individualized styling. “A guy was trying to get something for his girlfriend,” Janet says. “My mom asked for her Instagram or Facebook handle to see what her style is. She has an eye for picking out the perfect pieces for people.” (


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