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Phoenix Home & Garden 2019 Home Tour

Photography by Carl Schultz

1. Michelle Christopher; Barbara J. Bowen
2. Jennifer and Diane Sapiro
3. Lisa Reed; Glenda Evrs
4. Pattie and Hubert Stummer
5. Constance Bradley; Michael Madley
6. Leslie Camphed; Susan Magee
7. Melissa Daniels; Lisa Robinson
8. Jason and Jane Barlow
9. Karen Fircha; Vivian Mitchem
10. Melanie Gavin; Sandy Black; Dana Dray
11. Jay and Amy Klosterman
12. Terry Weir; Laura Lindsey; Nancy and Paul VanFellinger
13. Joan Leuth; Joyce Aver
14. Lori and Kaely Condon
15. Rob and Michelle Dardin
16. John and Barb Ivey
17. Melissa Holdaway; Deena Trochesset
18. Dee and Daren Rasberry
19. Mike and Shanna Davis
20. Joyce Alred; Colleen Ragland; Shelley Caniglia; Cheryl Anderson
21. Kim Hammons; Jamie Rosethan; Janelle Schick; Tracee Curtis
22. Bobbie and Scott Akins; Kathy Blanford
23. Mike and Debbie Roser
24. Katelyn Roser; Carolyn Johnson; Shawn O’Connor
25. Jean-Michel Edery; Frank Aazami
26. Daniel and Betty Perryman
27. Robyn and Ally Castoro
28. Trish and Ronald Smith
29. Terry Bruns and Tyler Schettler
30. Crystal Thornhill; Patti Quade
31. Kaely Condon
32. Lori and Kaely Condonce
33. Grace and Richard Gerlach
34. Laura and Terry Weir
35. Marcia Pooley; Terri Bluechel; Deb Quilici
36. Karen, Susie and Lara Mans
37. Ronee Anderson; Debra Kruszalnicki
38. Kristy Rehorn; Barbara Jay
39. Nickie Ralf; Maegen Martineau


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