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Phoenix Art Museum

Inspired by the museum’s most popular installation,“You Who Are Getting Obliterated In The Dancing Swarm Of Fireflies” by famed contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama, this selection of unique gifts will delight polka-dot lovers and art enthusiasts alike. (

Visit to learn how you can adopt a digital firefly from Yayoi Kusama’s popular installation this holiday season and receive a free annual Museum Membership.

1. Author Fausto Gilberti takes readers through Kusama’s dotted world in this illustrated book. $18

2. A graphic biography explores the artist’s life in Japan and her rise to international acclaim. $20

3. Captivating photographs of Kusama and her inimitable work fill the pages of “Hi, Konnichiwa.” $22
4. Quirky polka-dotted socks are the perfect gift for funky fashionistas. $12
5. Bundle up with a stylish silk scarf printed with the ethereal “fireflies” found in the installation. $55
6. Crafted from natural jute material and decorated with a cheerful dot pattern, this multipurpose tote artfully carries all essentials. $25


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