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Making a Splash: Best New Bath Products

Innovative fixtures that will infuse your shower with sensory delights.

By Rebecca L. Rhoades

Bathrooms were once strictly utilitarian spaces. Today, they’re spa-like retreats that serve as escapes from day-to-day living, and the biggest players in the field have been creating new products that will make you never want to leave your home.

“I love seeing what Delta comes out with, because they’re such a leader in technology,” says interior designer Tabitha Evans. The company introduced two new bath collections, Trillian and Kayra, that utilize H2OKinetic technology to deliver the feeling of more water while using less. The sculpting spray can be personalized by using either the PowerDrench setting, which creates an invigorating feel, or UltraSoak, for a soothing, saturating shower.

Experience the soothing cascade of water with Delta’s UltraSoak shower head. Starting at $197. (

One of the biggest trends in showers this year was the enveloping rainfall sensation. Hansgrohe led the way with its Rainfinity collection, which offers three spray modes—PowderRain, Intense PowderRain and Rainflow—ranging from relaxing, silky microdroplets to a concentrated jet of warmth and comfort. Delta’s UltraSoak shower head uses water-sculpting chips to generate a cascade of water droplets that imitates the feel of a dense rainfall, while Moen’s Nebia wraps users in a soft, atomized spray that provides optimal pressure and coverage while using 45% less water than a standard rainshower head. Toto introduced Warm Spa technology, which dispenses a single pillar of water from an overhead rainshower or handshower, covering the body without heat loss or splash.

Moen’s Aromatherapy Handshowers take the bathing experience to the next level of relaxation by infusing the water with fragrances. Starting at $130. (

Nebia by Moen offers two times the coverage with only half the amount of water. Starting at $89. (

“We’re seeing bathing as such a layered, sensuous experience, complete with smell, touch, the feel of the water and water efficiency,” says interior designer Amy Bubier Klosterman, a Phoenix Home & Garden Masters of the Southwest award winner.

Moen enhances bathers’ “me time” with its new Aromatherapy Handshowers. Fragrance capsules attach to the top of the showerhead and infuse essential oils directly into the water flow without leaving any residue on the tub, skin or hair. Choose from a relaxing lavender-scented Zen aroma, an energetic citrus-infused fragrance or even a sweet berry scent to start your morning or escape after a long day at work.


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