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“From the outside, the house is kind of a bunker. You would never guess what’s inside,” says Burnette.

While most architecture is rectilinear—characterized by straight lines and squared angles—the homes created by Lee Hutchison and his team at Scottsdale-based Urban Design Associates

“I love optical illusions—where does it start, where does it end kinds of things.” —Kevin Caron, artist

A mask can really express our humanity,” artist Zarco Guerrero reflects.

Wayne Helfand turns a love for the Earth’s gems and minerals into a must-see Valley destination.

A peek inside the studio of Feathers Fine Custom Furnishings reveals why it’s made in Arizona.

Native American artist Evelyn Fredericks captures the spirit and history of Hopi culture in stone and bronze.

A Desert Mountain vacation home marries its interiors with the unique surroundings.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s spirit resonates in shelters built by students of the School of Architecture at Cosanti.

With a little planning, you can ensure your home will continue to fit your needs for years to come.