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Valley Design Guide

“From the outside, the house is kind of a bunker.

While most architecture is rectilinear—characterized by straight lines and squared

“I love optical illusions—where does it start, where does it end kinds of things.” —Kevin Caron, artist

With the help of her builder friend, a former interior designer transforms a shipping container into a backyard pottery studio.

A chef, an architect and an interior designer weigh in on what makes this room magic.

Eight interior designers share their visions for primary bath transformations.

From cozy to grand, your entryway is your home’s opening statement.

From enchanting outdoor enclaves to posh patio furniture and accessories, here are some inspiring ideas for crafting your alfresco dreamscape.

A mask can really express our humanity,” artist Zarco Guerrero reflects.

Small spaces should feel relaxing and as open and spacious as possible.

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