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April/May 2023

Editor's letter for the April/May 2023 issue.

A lush Biltmore-area Spanish Colonial residence brings the outdoors in.

At 3,100 feet up, this north Scottsdale home’s elevation presents unique challenges for a landscape designer.

Designer Peggy De La Garza adds definition and form to a once-overgrown landscape.

After traveling the world, a husband and wife settle into their perfect Paradise Valley abode.

Curving pathways, charming enclaves and plenty of ‘wow’ moments make this Paradise Valley garden a pedestrian’s paradise.

Slow and steady wins the race in architect Jason Boyer’s home remodel.

When it comes to Sonoran flora, blondes have more fun.

An under-used building at the Phoenix Zoo finds new life as the Wild Side Gallery.

These aquatic plants make an elegant addition to backyard ponds or containers.

From architecture to agriculture to wildlife preservation, these Valley residents are proving that caring for the environment can be a part of our everyday lives.

Adorn your walls with stripes, florals and whimsical prints—wallpaper is officially back.

Interior designer James McIntyre’s elegant re-imagining of a Scottsdale condominium.

Tucson Marketplace April/May 2023 Special Advertising Section

Books that are currently occupying our nightstands.

What to plan, prune and pluck in spring/summer, according to your elevation.

Find peace and serenity through biophilic design.

In just four years, Bree Deverill went from doodling animals in a sketchbook to having her playful, mixed-media art displayed at the Phoenix Zoo.

Art-o-mat, vintage cigarette machines repurposed to dispense miniature works of art, is a novel, affordable way to start a collection.

Got Legs Furniture & Decor has merchandise and a mission that serves the community.

What to do, where to go, what to see and who to know from our sister publication, PHOENIX magazine