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Introducing the Elise Mix

A new heat-loving varietal brings a happy splash of hues to desert homes and landscapes.

By John Roark | Photography by Leonard Loria

A newcomer to the Arizona market, the Elise Mix (Lewesia cotyledon) is an exceptionally heat- and drought-tolerant evergreen perennial that is ideally suited to Southwestern landscapes. “As a low water-use plant with a small mature size, the Elise Mix brings pops of color to shaded yards or patios, rocky planting areas, containers or even indoors,” says Christine Fortman, co-owner of Berridge Nurseries. “When you see the profusion of flowers, you can’t help but smile.”

Flower Facts
  •  BLOOMS: Vibrant multicolored clusters, spring through summer
  •  SIZE: 4-6″H by 6-8″W
  •  SOIL: Well-drained
  •  LIGHT: Full sun to light shade


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