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How a Local Maker Crafts Her Beautiful, Botanical-Filled Soaps

Using organic ingredients and desert botanicals, Phoenix native and soap maker Carolyn Camp keeps Arizonans fresh.

Rick Gayle

1 In an elemental component of the soap-making process, lye breaks down raw oils into fatty acids and glycerol. Safety goggles are a must when working with this essential but caustic liquid. 

2 Essential oils, such as patchouli and orange, add subtle fragrance to the finished product. 

3 Camp pours the soap in a liquid state into a homemade silicone mold to set and create blocks. This mold was created using the impression of a bicycle tire, to give the bars unique pattern and texture. 

4 A variety of botanicals and minerals are used for color and texture, including madder root, orange peel, creosote (Larrea tridentate) and calendula.

5 Once the blocks have set and have been removed from the mold, they are divided into individual bars with a cutter.


Carolyn Camp, Silver Lining Goods, Phoenix,;


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