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Editor’s Letter—June 2019


There is a classic song written by Cole Porter that says, “There’s no cure like travel.” It is easy for us to become stuck in the comfort and familiarity of our routines, forgetting that there’s a whole world out there just waiting to be explored. While Mr. Porter nailed it when he penned, “There’s nothing like packing a suitcase and sailing away,” the song goes on to express that going afar will ultimately make you appreciate home sweet home. 

When we at Phoenix Home & Garden plan our travel-themed issues, we are mindful that we are first and foremost a magazine dedicated to architecture, interior design and landscape and

that our chosen destinations should have at-home applicability. In recent years, we journeyed to Santa Fe and Palm Springs because both destinations have distinctive aesthetics that translate easily to Southwestern living. This year, we chose Santa Barbara, California, not only for its matchless natural beauty, but also because it embodies a timeless style that is embraced right here in the Valley. On these pages, we share what we’ve found and include a special section devoted to this easily accessed destination (a mere 90-minute direct flight from Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport).

If you’ve considered checking out something new within our own borders or traversing to a port of call across the globe, we encourage you to dispense with “some day” and make it happen soon. Day trips, weekend getaways, epic expeditions—what is important is changing the scenery and experiencing the new. Exploring does a world of good in opening our eyes to ideas, lifestyles, foods, culture and people—and in helping us appreciate what awaits our return.

Happy travels.


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