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Editor’s Letter—April 2019


As we were going to press with this issue, the Valley was hit by an uncharacteristically intense cold snap. When frost warnings were announced, we pulled out our heavy sweaters, braved the outdoors and covered our vulnerable vegetation. Soon we were posting our pictures of snowcapped saguaros and white-blanketed poolscapes on social media. While driving down Interstate 101 in the East Valley, I was just as stunned to see the McDowell Mountains dusted with white as I was to spy motorists pulling over to take in the sight with mouths agape. 

During our temperate months when most of the country is chilly, shorts-and-flip-flops-clad Phoenicians often can be heard boasting, “This is why we live here.” It is also why our out-of-state friends and relatives are eager to visit when freezing temperatures grip their icebound hometowns.

Another thing we often hear from out-of-staters is, “Arizona doesn’t have seasons.” To the uninformed and unobservant, this may seem to be the case. But to those of us who live here and love it, the Sonoran Desert is a feast for the senses whether the thermometer reads 32 or 120 degrees. Throughout the year, our landscape sings with colors, textures, shapes and scents found nowhere else in the world. 

Which brings me to this month’s cover girl. In all of her varieties, the Echinopsis spp. is the Marilyn Monroe of desert blooms. Sexy, complex, legendary, hounded by paparazzi and destined to fade before the world is ready, she lives for only a few hours, and then she is gone. She deserves to be immortalized. We hope you agree. 

To revel in the beauty of the desert we call home and experience some of the Valley’s most stunning residential landscapes, we invite you to join us at the 2019 Phoenix Home & Garden Garden Tour on Saturday, April 6. For information,

Echinopsis one of the Sonoran Desert’s many splendors. Photography
by Lori A. Johnson. 


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