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Desert Botanical Garden

A bounty of nature-inspired gifts awaits visitors at this beloved destination, and those who love hands-on experiences will enjoy the Garden’s new classes, tastings and unique opportunities available for groups of up to 10 people to get up close and personal with the desert. (

Decorated with a cacti-centric watercolor print created specially for the Desert Botanical Garden, these mugs create a whimsical image when stacked on top of each other. $25

A collection of vintage inspired goods, including a tea towel, postcards and pencils, shows off the beauty of Southwestern flora. $13-$17

Sip and savor an assortment of loose-leaf teas, plus a light lunch of petite chicken and cucumber sandwiches, grape and honeydew gazpacho shooters, lemon lavender cupcakes and seasonal fruit tartlets when you take your Afternoon Tea at the garden. $430

Perfect the art of making a tart and tasty prickly pear margarita with these must-have mixers for your bar cart. $17-$18

Wet your whistle at an in-depth tequila tasting with a beverage expert who will explain how the iconic liquor is made and will demonstrate the differences between the various types. $320

Grab your favorite group of friends and relax at the garden with the Brunch & Bubbles offering, where guests will be treated to build-your-own mimosas and fresh, seasonal breakfast items. $373

Bring adventurous kiddos to the Cactus Clubhouse for Nature Play. Children of all ages can engage with their natural surroundings in this safe, sensory area of the garden. $400

Handmade in Nepal, these fair-trade felted figurines make adorable desktop accessories for green thumbs. Sizes vary. $24-$25


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