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Bold Color Choices for Arizona Homes: Inspiration From the Desert Landscape

Arizona is known for its beautiful desert landscape and unique colors, making it the perfect place to draw inspiration for home decor. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of color to a neutral space or completely transform a room, taking cues from the desert’s bold colors is a great way to create a unique and vibrant home design. Here are some tips and inspiration for incorporating bold desert-inspired colors into your home decor.

1. Terra Cotta

Terra cotta home decor trend
Terracotta rug collection by Rug’Society

The color of terra cotta pots is a staple of the desert landscape. This warm reddish-brown hue can add a rustic charm to any room, especially when paired with natural wood accents. Consider adding terra cotta throw pillows or a terra cotta vase to bring this color into your space.

2. Turquoise

Frank Lloyd Wright-designed living room with turquoise and orange hues
Use sleek silhouettes, brilliant blues and organic materials to emulate one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s iconic Arizona designs.

The bright blue-green hue of turquoise is a popular color in Southwestern-style home decor. This color can be used to add a pop of color to a neutral space or can be used as the main color in a room. Consider painting an accent wall in a turquoise shade or adding turquoise curtains to your living room.

3. Mustard Yellow

Mustard yellow home decor mood board
Mustard color inspirations from Brabbu Design Forces: OKA Bold Armchair, MANUKA Center Table, CANYON Screen. Spicy Mustard is an exotic and vibrant color that creates unexpected and unusual ambience.

Mustard yellow is a bold and warm color that is reminiscent of the sunsets in the Arizona desert. This color can add a cozy and inviting feel to a room, especially when paired with other warm tones. Consider adding a mustard yellow rug or throw blanket to your space.

4. Deep Purple

Once the domain of power, royalty and wealth, purple has also been associated with wisdom, bravery and spirituality. “It takes a lot of confidence to use this color,” observes interior designer Esther Boivin. “I would definitely encourage clients to embrace it, but carefully. It can be used as a strong accent for a big splash or more sparingly as an accent within a room.” Photography by Tony Marinella.

Deep purple is a rich and luxurious color that can add drama to any room. This color is often seen in the desert landscape during the sunset and can be paired with other warm desert colors to create a bold and sophisticated space. Consider adding deep purple throw pillows or curtains to your space.

When incorporating bold colors into your home decor, it’s important to balance them with neutral tones and use them in moderation. Too much of a bold color can be overwhelming, so it’s best to use it as an accent or in smaller doses.

If you’re still unsure about how to incorporate bold desert-inspired colors into your home decor, consider hiring an interior designer. They can help you find the right balance of colors and create a cohesive and stylish design.


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