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Seeing Phoenix landmarks through the eyes of up-and-coming artist Aileen Martinez

A weekend workshop reveals the cultural traditions of the saguaro fruit harvest in Ajo.

A 19th-century Jerome building gets transformed into a rambling, very personal vacation retreat.

A Phoenix couple makes the leap from family home to townhouse living without giving style.

More than two decades and four owners later, the “House of 100 Arches,” a Spanish colonial hacienda in Scottsdale, has withstood the test of

With its lush greenery and coterie of domestic and wild animals, it is no wonder this property is called the “beautiful hill.”

A Paradise Valley landscape is both formal and bears a relaxed vibe.

At Desert Mountain, artist Tammy Lynch-Forrest interprets the fauna and fauna of the Sonoran Desert one tile at a time.

Following in his father’s footsteps, Valley builder John Gurley forges his own path.

Sculptor Michael Anderson’s legacy can be found around the world and at his North Scottsdale property.