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An Iconic Scottsdale Plant Showroom Gets a New Owner, Continues the Legacy of its Beloved Founder

House plants in white planters

After 40 years, Pearson & Company, an iconic local interior plant showroom and design studio, has a new owner— serial entrepreneur and real estate agent Scott Schaefer. Founded by the late designer and Phoenix Home & Garden Masters of the Southwest award winner Craig Pearson, the business has curated and maintained plants for hundreds of homes in the Valley. Schaefer had the opportunity to work with Pearson before his passing on Aug. 28. “Craig was a pioneer in the industry,” he says. “For more than four decades he was gracing the Valley with his wonderful and generous personality, ingenious vision and creative soul. Those are some very big shoes to fill, and I intend to carry on his design legacy.” Read more about Schaefer’s plan for the business at

Schaefer shares what’s next for Pearson & Company.

Q&A With Scott Schaefer of Pearson & Company

How did you learn about Pearson & Company, and what led to you taking it over?

Divine intervention. I was getting established in the Phoenix area and decided to reach out to a well-established business broker in Scottsdale, and on our first informational meeting to get to know each other, he said, “Have I got the perfect business for you!” He introduced me to the Pearsons at the showroom in Scottsdale, and it was like I walked in and sat down and found some long-lost family that I didn’t know I had. We just clicked and knew we were cut from the same cloth and discussed so many things for over two hours that afternoon. As I walked away from that meeting, which felt more like a reunion, I knew in my heart that this was my future business. Craig and both sisters, Christi and Cyndi, said to me later that when we all left that day, they all knew in their hearts that they were selling the business to me and they all agreed that they “found their guy.” The rest from that point was divinely guided and everything possible fell into place to make this acquisition smooth and seamless.

What else attracted you to this business and that you’re looking forward to?

I have been a plant lover my entire life. I’ve always kept my own plants in my own houses and businesses and never dreamed that I would be able to turn them into a business. Finding this was amazing.

This allows me to be part of bringing something into somebody’s home or business that’s beautiful and it’s accentuating the space and it’s providing oxygen and life and companionship. It plays to my creative side and allows me to bring who I am as a business owner and my customer service expertise and just seamlessly do something I’m passionate about. It was just the right business for me.

What was Craig’s impact on the Valley?

Craig was a pioneer in the industry. For more than four decades, he was gracing the Valley with his wonderful and generous personality, ingenious vision and creative soul, producing some of the most beautiful plantscape designs for all of our wonderful customers, both residential and commercial, using his keen wit and his comical personality to communicate so brilliantly and make everyone feel loved and well cared for.

What did you learn from him?

I didn’t get to know him long enough, but I learned so much from him in the short amount of time I was able to spend with him. I was so blessed to get to be around him during the business transition and see how he worked with our clients, see how he made everyone in his life feel like they were part of his family.

I learned so many things from him in my short but wonderful friendship with Craig. He embodied love and kindness, and that came out in his designs and in how he conducted business. He made sure everyone was happy and always felt well taken care of. Those are some very big shoes to fill, and I intend to carry on with his plantscape design legacy and do my best to add my unique personality, energy and excitement and allow Craig’s vision for Pearson & Company to live on and thrive for decades to come.

Do you have a favorite memory of Craig that you can share?

My favorite memory was the exploratory trip to California we all took to meet some of our suppliers. We spent lots of time hanging out by the ocean, eating and drinking good food and wine, just chatting and laughing for hours on that trip. He always took the time to personally make sure I felt comfortable with all the aspects of the business so we both felt very good with everything as he kindly passed me the torch, and we both knew Pearson & Company would live on and be successful for years to come.

What are your plans for the business moving forward?

I plan to continue with business as usual and add some new energy and excitement to grow it back to its former glory before the COVID-19 year of 2020 that changed the world.

Are you seeing any plantscape design trends emerging for 2024?

The desire for indoor plants has boomed since the pandemic, and we intend to be the pinnacle of first-class indoor plantscape design, sales and maintenance and provide a comprehensive care and maintenance program for our beloved customers so they can just sit back and enjoy the beauty, companionship and all of the natural health benefits plants have to offer.


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