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A Real Estate-Savvy Couple Uses Their Industry Knowledge to Build Their Dream Home

At Matt and Lisa Luckys’ new home, organic materials make the contemporary silhouette pop with visual interest. “One of our biggest decisions was choosing what stone we wanted to use,” Matt says. “We ended up selecting a Jerusalem gray-gold limestone for both the interior and exterior, which has a beautiful weathered feel.”

Armed with ample inspiration, a North Scottsdale couple builds their ideal oasis.

By Carly Scholl | Photography by Austin Baker

If any couple in the Valley knows the value of a well-designed home, it’s real estate professionals Matt and Lisa Lucky. Since getting into the industry in 2000, the partners—in business and marriage—have walked through some of the biggest estates and the most extravagant abodes in town. When the Luckys set out to create their own dream home, their expertise came in handy, both in the selection of their all-star design team and their vision for the final product.

“Initially there was a bit of pressure on us,” admits Matt of the early stages of planning the new house. “When people heard we were building a home, they assumed we would know exactly how to design it given our exposure to all the cutting-edge concepts in town.” Lisa points out that their experience in real estate did give them a good starting point, however. “We were really inspired by what we’ve seen throughout our careers. We felt like we got to choose from the best ideas we’ve made note of over the years.”

The couple’s first order of business was assembling a team of design professionals as keen-eyed and experienced as they were. Phoenix Home & Garden Masters of the Southwest award-winning architect Erik Peterson, a long-time friend of the Luckys, was Matt and Lisa’s first choice to design the perfect desert contemporary-style home. “I was so honored that they asked me,” Peterson recalls. “Because of their notoriety, it’s a big statement to the community that they wanted to choose us.” 

Interior designer Kim Scodro, who had worked on other projects with the Luckys in the past, was also selected for her ability to harmonize various textures, materials and finishes into a visual symphony. “I started off a little nervous because Matt and Lisa have been in every nice house in the Valley, so their expectations were different from other clients,” says Scodro. “But it was such an awesome experience because it meant that they could articulate exactly what they wanted.”

Dreaming of a modern retreat with warm desert tones, artistic architectural touches and fully optimized views from every possible room, Lisa and Matt shared their vision with the design professionals and then handed over the reins. “They recognized the talent of their team,” says Peterson. “They basically said, ‘We’re in your hands,’ and then let us create this amazing modern home. They just trusted us.

1. “Matt and Lisa’s main goal was to capture the view of Pinnacle Peak from any angle possible,” says interior designer Kim Scodro of the property’s unique placement, which overlooks both the peak and the Troon golf course. A rebar fence protects the yard but doesn’t disrupt the visual flow out toward the mountain. 2. Glamorous notes of gold are sprinkled throughout the home for an extra level of luxury. In the dining room, a glimmering light fixture and trio of candlesticks play off the pewter-hued upholstery. 3. The heavily textured limestone continues in the interiors, where it is softened with rich wood tones and curvaceous tabletop art. 4. “The floor plan is simple but very functional,” notes Lisa. “There are no steps. One of our important considerations was that we didn’t want the house to be so big so that we’d one day have to downsize. We want to be here for many years.” 5. A sleek, linear fireplace anchors the seating area in the great room. Above it, the Luckys’ high-tech television can transform into a work of art when not in use.

“With traditional homes, such as Spanish, French, Italian or colonial, there are some historical standards you have to pay attention to,” the architect continues. But when we do contemporary homes, they’re truly expressions of artistic talents where we can really play.” Situated in the picturesque desert of North Scottsdale, the home was built to soak in the majesty of Pinnacle Peak, which sits just beyond the Troon golf course and is visible from multiple points of the property. “The architectural design all stemmed from the view toward the mountain,” notes Peterson. “We didn’t want any of the overhangs to cut off the top of the peak, and we made sure there was a really strong flow between the indoor and outdoor spaces.”

1. Amenities abound on the back patio, where an indoor-outdoor bar, television and multiple seating and dining arrangements invite the Luckys and their guests to enjoy every minute of the glorious Sonoran lifestyle. “This is definitely a modern Southwest home,” asserts architect Erik Peterson. “The deep overhangs and protected windows are very specific to needs of desert dwellers.” 2. “The patterned metal insert in the overhang above the barbecue area lets light shine through and creates beautiful patterns as the sun moves,” explains Peterson. “Movement creates dynamic in the home.” 3. Minimalistic plantings keep the home’s façade uncluttered, letting the clean linear forms of the architecture stand tall in the desert setting. “All of the species planted close to the house are more organized and kept low, so the view wasn’t obstructed,” says landscape architect Clayton Miller. 4. In the great room, layers of texture create depth, warmth and visual movement throughout the space. The natural quartz countertop in the kitchen contrasts with the sumptuous wood tones, while deep grayish-blue tones bring a sophisticated note to the seating area. “The wine wall is really unique,” Peterson points out. “It’s certainly a stunning focal point, but it also acts as a subtle room divider from the kitchen and living room.”

“If you’re going to embark on the adventure of homebuilding, have fun with it.”

—Kim Scodro, interior designer

Repeated throughout the house and extending into the front and backyards, bold linear forms contrast with the rugged terrain of the desert. This dynamic combination is also echoed in the relationship between the organic feel of the home’s stone facades and the grounding effect of the deep steel overhangs that protect the expanses of windows from the summer sun. “We really wanted to have the home feel integrated into the natural desert,” explains landscape architect Clayton Miller. “Instead of a solid perimeter wall, we used a rebar fence that wraps around the yard and doesn’t disrupt the view. There’s a great push and pull, too, that helps nestle the property into the environment. The pool extends out into the landscape while the firepit is sort of tucked back.”

Inside, Scodro maintained this careful juxtaposition through the use of various finishes. “Every surface has some sort of texture—wood ceilings, grasscloth on walls, stone and textured tile in the powder room. Even the floor tile gives off a sense of subtle movement without inducing dizziness.” While the interior designer used the wide range of textures to bring a dimension of warmth to the contemporary home, she also utilized honey-hued wood and touches of gold to add depth and coziness against the simple, monochromatic color palette. 

1. Shaker cabinetry in the kitchen repeats the home’s theme of clean, consistent lines, while a wood-wrapped range hood and island base add a touch of earthiness to the all-white room. 2. To contrast the heavy ceiling beam detail, Scodro chose a grasscloth wallcovering, airy textures and shades of off-white for the master bedroom. 3. Featuring striking brass inserts, the door to the master bedroom bears a personality all its own. 4. “I love the outdoor shower,” says Peterson. “If this was my house I’d be out there every day.” Extending from the master bathroom, the private enclave has perhaps the best view of Pinnacle Peak in the entire house.

With a contemporary spirit, serene aesthetic and luxurious touches—including a wine wall, outdoor shower, backyard firepit and patio bar—inspired by some of the Valley’s finest residences, the Luckys’ new home is an expertly balanced oasis of modern amenities and natural wonders. “The view is just sensational,” Matt says. “In the morning, when the clouds are pink and the sun has yet to hit Pinnacle Peak, the world around puts on this great show, and we have front-row seats.”

ARCHITECT: Erik Peterson, PHX Architecure. BUILDER: Platinum Companies Inc. INTERIOR DESIGNERS: Kim Scodro, Elise Miller, Dana Meyerchick, Kim Scodro Interiors. LANDSCAPE ARCHITECT: Clayton Miller, Greey|Pickett

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