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5 Unusual Jewelry Trends for 2023 and Beyond

A look inside a brightly lit jewelry store

Oliver Smith Jeweler has opened a gallery-like shop in Scottsdale Fashion Square’s Crystal Court and debuted with a new men’s jewelry line. “For us, it’s a great opportunity to showcase what we do,” says founder and creative director Oliver Smith. Inside the boutique designed by Jones Studio, shoppers can browse jewelry and timepieces that are artfully displayed. Looking toward fall trends and beyond, Smith shared his predictions.

1. Go bold with gemstones

Expect to see bright-colored stones clustered together, “like a pair of paisley Gucci pants, something wild like that,” Smith says. The jeweler is creating clustered earrings, offset rings, gemstone bracelets and tennis necklaces.

2. Modern designs are back

“Just like home architecture,” Smith says. That means more angular pieces with more metal showing and a more polished finish.

3. Wind up a vintage watch

As a certified pre-owned watch dealer, Smith says there’s interest in more right-sized watches, moving away from the oversized faces of the 2000s. Gerald Genta’s 1970s timepieces remain a favorite among collectors, fueled partly by nostalgia and the reign of 1970s fashion and aesthetics.

4. Bracelets and pins are in—for men

“There’s a big growth in men’s jewelry,” Smith says. They’ve started rolling out a collection geared towards men at the Scottsdale Fashion Square location, and “we’ll keep growing it,” Smith says. He loves pins as a way to dress up a suit in a way the cufflinks, covered by a jacket, just can’t. From pop star Harry Styles to MLB sluggers, more men are wearing pearls—Smith says they’re starting with pearl bracelets.

5. Trade in or trade up

People are becoming less interested in holding onto family jewelry—or at least pieces that they’ll never wear or don’t have as much meaning. “Our slogan is, ‘Don’t wear it? Sell it,” Smith says, adding that people will use diamonds or stones to make a piece or trade it in for another piece or watch.



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