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5 New Must-Read Books to Add to Your Shelf

Chihuly and Architecture

Author: Eleanor Heartney
Dale Chihuly’s blown glass creations have graced museums and prominent venues worldwide, both publicly and privately. In honor of his 80th birthday and first major garden exhibition in Asia this spring, this 200-page anthology compiles four decades’ worth of architectural commissions and exhibitions by the esteemed contemporary artist. His brilliant, brightly hued sculptures have become iconic for the use of light, color and form to recast their surroundings as almost otherworldly. “His architectural installations transform the spaces in which they are placed in ways that rewrite people’s relationship to the built environment,” Heartney says. $70 (chihuly.‌com).

Chihuly and Architecture, 2021. Book co-distributed by Abrams © 2021 Chihuly Studio. All rights reserved.

Royal Gardens of the World: 21 Celebrated Gardens from Alhambra to High Grove and Beyond

Author: Mark Lane
There are majestic gardens—lush, dignified and well-appointed. And then there are royal gardens—designed specifically for the blue blooded as extensions of their extravagent castles and estates. This coffee table tome explores the history of these landscape masterpieces, the contexts in which they were built and, of course, the unsung heroes—the gardeners who lovingly planted, plucked and pruned the grounds over time. Explore 21 terrains, from the towering Taj Mahal to the tree-lined avenues of Versailles. $45 (

At Home: Evocative and Art-Forward Interiors

Author: Brian Paquette, with photography by Haris Kenjar
Paquette is known for his uncanny ability to invoke positive memories and sensations unique to a client’s past experiences and translate them into interior design. “I, myself, grew up surrounded by beaches and water,” he says in the book’s intro. “I can’t seem to get quite comfortable when I’m not in that environment, but seaside living may not always be an option. So how, as a designer, do I interpret the sea, and the memories that surround it, into my home without just slapping a giant painting of waves above the sofa?” At Home aggregates 10 of Paquette’s prized projects, from the Pacific Northwest to the West coast. $35 (

Audubon Birdhouse Book: Building, Placing and Maintaining Great Homes for Great Birds

Authors: Margaret A. Barker and Elissa Ruth Wolfson
Bird lovers and gardening devotees alike can tuck into the updated second edition of this authoritative resource, which provides detailed steps for constructing safe, functional and attractive homes for feathered friends. Some newly introduced topics include the effects of climate change on the avian population, native plants for specific species and how enthusiasts can level up their birding game. $25 (

Plant: House Plants: Choosing, Styling, Caring

Author: Gynelle Leon
Bringing nature inside is arguably one of the cornerstones of Arizona lifestyle. One such way to cultivate this proclivity is by incorporating houseplants into the home. Here, Leon curates 100 of her favorites based on their beauty and ease of care, from foxtail ferns to succulents. Readers can learn how to style and maintain each of these plantings and, of course, troubleshoot common conundrums, such as droopy leaves and foreign invaders. $20. (


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