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5 Artists to Look For at the Arizona Fine Art Expo

Monte M. Moore. Photo courtesy Arizona Fine Art Expo.

Dozens of painters, sculptors, metal workers and other artists from around Arizona, across the country and the world will show off their work beginning Friday, January 15 at the 17th annual Arizona Fine Art Expo in north Scottsdale.

Phoenix Home & Garden Editor-in-chief John Roark spoke with five must-visit artists this week as they were beginning or nearing the end of their setup.

  • Jess Davila, a stone sculptor from New Mexico, has dozens of pieces of his work, ranging from sandstone to onyx.
  • Lee Hendrickson, a photographer of crystals, uses his educational background in science and photography to create his art.
  • Susan Hartenhoff, whose passion for horses comes through on canvas.
  • Just Idle Hands, a car restoration expert who dabbles in furniture, sculpture and paintings.
  • Scott Shangraw, a wood sculptor who uses everything from chainsaws to grinders and a lot of sandpaper to create beautiful work.


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