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2022 Masters of the Southwest Alumni

Masters of the Southwest Alumni

Amy Bubier Klosterman, ASID

2017 MASTERS of the SOUTHWEST Award Winner - Interior Design

I am proud to be in this talented group! Design is an interesting balance of creativity and the coordination of details. Each week, we explore big ideas and then dive deep into the details to make them work.  I love the process of connecting with our clients and skilled craftspeople to create livable, luxurious homes.

As we now spend more time at home working, cooking, parenting and also relaxing, we are seeing our interior spaces in a different way. We love  expansive open floor plans but we are also needing quiet spaces to work or escape. Our homes are an important place for both wellness and smart-home efficiency.

AB Design Elements provides interior architectural design for luxury renovations and custom homes as well as furnishings at a turnkey level.

Amy Bubier Klosterman
AB Design Elements
11639 East Wethersfield Road

Lynda Martin, ASID

2016 MASTERS of the SOUTHWEST Award Winner - Interior Design

I have always felt the Masters of the Southwest award is similar to the film industry’s “Lifetime Achievement Award” as an acknowledgement of skill, quality and professionalism. It was a tremendous honor for me to join this esteemed group of peers in 2016, when I was selected by Phoenix Home Garden as a Masters of the Southwest award winner. My most rewarding projects are those in which the client takes a leap of faith and allows us to develop the most creative solutions to suit them. In this home the interiors have clean simple lines. We selected and made comfortable furnishings using natural/authentic/organic materials emphasizing the wood, stone, concrete and metal used in the dramatic modern architecture creating the perfect setting to enjoy the views surrounding them.

I always advise future designers to love what you are doing. Your clients are your best asset so enjoy the work.

Lynda Martin, Camelback Interior Design
602.625.5967 |

Clint Miller, AIA

2010 MASTERS of the SOUTHWEST Award Winner - Architect

“They say do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life. That is architecture to me.”
I have long admired the architects and design professionals that have been honored as Masters of the Southwest by Phoenix Home & Garden. When I learned that I was to be included with this exclusive group, I was thrilled. Today, this honor continues to increase my passion for architecture.

The project of which I am proudest, is my first adobe home. This home became the building block for many adobe homes to follow. For the next 20 years, I was consumed with ‘real load-bearing’ adobe structures. The adobe homes that I designed ranged from very modest to the most elaborate homes. Today, I design homes for clients in many different styles leaning in a modern direction.

Clint Miller Architect
480.889.4660 | Carefree
928.3631677 | Pine

Donna Winters, Enchanted Garden Landscape, Inc

2002 MASTERS of the SOUTHWEST Award Winner - Landscape Design

How has your work evolved since winning?
Projects have become more focused on Xeriscaping and integration with the existing Sonoran desert environment. I have seen an increased appreciation by clients for native plant salvage and re-vegitation of disturbed areas. Often, clients will reach out to change their thirsty legacy yards into refined, yet sustainable, low-water using xeriscapes.

Tip/Advice you’d give to homeowners looking to renovate or build their dream home:
Home values are driven by curb appeal. Investing in a home should include a generous budget for landscaping. Landscapes are living things and as they age may decline due to the climate that we enjoy, and desert fauna can take their toll especially in areas outside your private living space. Landscaping is not a one time purchase but when money is spent wisely it can bring years of enjoyment and increase resale value of your home.

Where would we find you or what would we find you doing when you’re not working your craft?
My passion is landscaping and I find myself doing and studying landscaping in my free time. I enjoy a personal library of books about landscapes. I do enjoy watching KU Basketball and the Arizona Cardinals. Occasionally, I enjoy a Valley Youth Theatre production or rocking out to my favorite AZ rock band, Cosmic Shindig.

Donna Winters, Enchanted Garden Landscape, Inc.
Phoenix | 480.483.7289
21602 North 21st Ave.
ROC #130250

Est Est Interior Design

2000 MASTERS of the SOUTHWEST Award Winner - Interior Design

Est Est is comprised of award winning interior design professionals who offer a rich mixture of ideas tempered by extensive experience. Although we are highly sought after for our creativity, we are also known for our detailed material specifications and comprehensive design drawings. Many of our clients are from out of state so time is very precious. Our studio is designed as a one-stop-shop where the client can come to our studio and be presented with their design scheme instead of traveling to showrooms all over town. Our level of customer service is unparalleled in the local design community.

Est Est Interior Design
17770 N. Pacesetter Way

Chad Norris, High Desert Designs

2017 MASTERS of the SOUTHWEST Award Winner - Landscape Design

Do you have a tried-and-true design formula?
To achieve a much more aesthetically pleasing look and design a sustainable landscape, I like to create high-impact focal points, in different scales and with drought-tolerant vegetation, in various locations throughout the yard. Then when you view it all together, each area plays off the other, creating one big vignette.

What gives you the edge?
Enjoyment in the one facet of the process that is typically the least liked: the maintenance and blue-collar side of the job. Nobody enjoys the labor-intensive portion, but over time I learned to appreciate the fundamentals of landscape and maintenance. Having that understanding is important to creating a sustainable, low-water, and low-maintenance landscape.

What’s the team like at High Desert Designs?
High Desert Designs is the union of Chad and his father’s passion for harnessing and highlighting nature’s attributes to enhance some of the Valley’s most stunning homes in the most elite zip codes. Chad enjoys the aspect of helming a true family business. His dad, Brian, oversees the technical irrigation and lighting systems, repairs, installation, maintenance, and quality control. Chad’s wife, Bahia, handles the finances, and Chad does the design work and everything else needed to make sure all runs smoothly. 

But the extended family within our team members and leaders is the real heart of the company. Having a team that has unique passion for creating stunning outdoor environments, is the most important aspect. There is something special about working on a project for sometimes months on end, looking back at when its complete, and knowing you were part of something great.

High Desert Designs
Phoenix | 480.553.6211

Anita Lang, IMI Design

2021 MASTERS of the SOUTHWEST Award Winner - Interior Design

What do you love the most about your profession?
That good design has the power to evoke positive emotion for those who inhabit the spaces I create. I truly believe that by a thoughtful, intention-based process coupled with my experience and creative talent I can improve the daily lives of others in a positive uplifting way. There is no such thing as “no design”, it can be good, bad or worse of all mediocre. I am passionate about maximizing the opportunity for exceptional and beautiful interiors.

What do you think contributes to your success and recognition as a Master of the Southwest?
Dedication and integrity. I believe if you stay true to your artistic values and vision and do so in an ethical manner it benefits my client and accomplishes the goals of the design project creating an incredible space to be enjoyed for years to come.

What is signature of your work?
For me design starts with sculpting the interior architecture of a space, a sense of vernacular, authentic materiality and then followed with a curated approach to furnishings.

IMI Design
7007 E. 5th Ave. 


Mary Meinz, ASID Mary Meinz Design

2015 MASTERS of the SOUTHWEST Award Winner - Interior Design

What advice would you give someone looking to remodel their home?
Interview thoroughly and select wisely with the designer that truly wants to PARTNER with you.

What advice would you give someone aspiring to be a Designer?
Don’t think twice! Design is the most rewarding career ever and on ALL LEVELS.
What’s your favorite part of being an Interior Designer?
The wonderful clients that most often become life-time FRIENDS!
What does being a Master of the Southwest mean to you?
Master of the Southwest is truly the most humbling and TREASURED award bestowed upon me in my lifetime of awards. It means EVERYTHING to me.

When you’re not working, what can we find you doing?
COOKING for my family (my other PASSION). 
Where were you born and raised?
Upper Peninsula of MICHIGAN, a wonderful place to be from!
What is your favorite part about living in Arizona?
EVERYTHING, the topography the SUNSETS, the DESIGN community, the opportunity, the relaxation, the WEATHER, the ‘melting-pot’ of residents, the culture, the CULINARY scene, the churches, the art fairs and ART galleries, the farmers markets, the design center and the architecture to name a few.

Do you have any pets?
We have a GRAND-dog, LUCY. A beautiful Canadian Duck-tolling Retriever….I LOVE LUCY. In the past, we enjoyed West-Highland and Scottish terriers.

Mary Meinz Designs


2014 MASTERS of the SOUTHWEST Award Winner - Architect

When you are not working, what can we find you doing?
You can find me spending time with my family! Or traveling, or one of my favorites – volunteering. I am currently on the boards of Arizona Opera, Scottsdale Public Arts and Luke Air Force Base.

Do you have a most memorable project?
It’s hard to pick just one, they are all like children and all hold great memories, but there are definitely a few like The Bench at the Lodge at Pebble Beach, Wigwam Resort and most recently, our work at the Arizona Biltmore that stand out. These were all game changers in their own time in my career.

What is the most challenging part of architecture?
It’s definitely those initial steps of winning a client. Convincing the client to not only hire us, but also to trust in us and to spend their money appropriately. That bond starts early, and although it’s one of the most challenging aspects; it’s also one of the most important and rewarding.

How has architecture changed since you first started?
I think architecture is starting to be more respected, as it relates to our mental and physical health.
What inspired you to become an architect?
When I was a young kid, I first entered Frank Lloyd Wright’s home in Chicago, and I just remember thinking – the upper children’s play room was the most amazing place I had ever seen. That feeling is what made me want to be the person that creates a space like that.

If you had to move away from Arizona, where would you go?
London. Hands down. I was fortunate enough to live there after I graduated from Iowa State and had an internship with Terry Farrell Architects. I absolutely love that city.

What does being a Master of the Southwest mean to you?
It’s a tremendous honor and privilege to be included alongside some of the most iconic designers in the Valley. It’s an accomplishment that we all strive to achieve here in Phoenix. As one of the pinnacle achievements of our careers, the honor symbolizes in many ways that we have arrived. I’m very thankful to have won the honor back in 2014. 

480.477.1111 |
15990 N. Greenway-Hayden Loop, Ste. C-100

SB Design, LLC

2019 MASTERS of the SOUTHWEST Award Winner - Interior Design

What advice would you give someone looking to remodel their home?
Select your partners for success. A strong collaborative team should include YOU along with your architect, interior designer and your general contractor. Your design team should be good listeners and experienced in projects like yours. 

What advice would you give someone aspiring to be a Designer?
If design is your passion, be prepared to work hard for your clients and together you will have fun , success and develop long lasting friendships.

Do you have a most memorable project?
For me personally all projects leave me with a memory , some mostly about the actual results and some the clients themselves.
Which is your favorite room in the house and why?
I enjoy working on bathroom & bedroom spaces for my clients the most. It is in these personal spaces I feel I can make a strong contribution to the function of the space while applying the design aesthetic that is most desired by my client.

When you’re not working, what can we find you doing?
Probably watching a limited series documentary on Netflix or some reality TV show that I have become addicted to, with of course my four legged girls.

What does being a Master of the Southwest mean to you?
It means professional community recognition for the work … I absolutely love to do.

SB Design LLC
Interior Design Services

7610 E. McDonald Dr., Ste. B

Clay Scrivner, Scrivner Design Group, LLC

2015 MASTERS of the SOUTHWEST Award Winner - Architect

When it comes to innovative concepts paired with historic authenticity, award-winning residential designer Clay Scrivner is a powerhouse of ideas. With more than three decades of experience in residential design—he has conceived an abundance of livable, one-of-a- kind homes that honor the Southwest, convey a romantic sensibility and celebrate the art of living both indoors and out. In addition to the buildings themselves, Scrivner’s client-specific designs can be found in a home’s ironwork, lighting and patterns for tile and flooring, as well as water features and other outdoor elements. The result is a unique and dream-worthy residence offering timeless appeal.

Clay Scrivner, Scrivner Design Group, LLC
480.874.2696 |
7234 E. Shoeman Ln., Ste. 10


2020 MASTERS of the SOUTHWEST Award Winner - Architect

What gives you the edge?
Progressive design blending history and innovation with an unyielding passion for exploration of the materials, methods, and forms of historic and contemporary architecture worldwide, Jon B—as he’s known by colleagues and clients—has accumulated an enviable reputation and portfolio of progressive designs. His work stands on the shoulders of notable historic design by respecting the natural integrity of materials, mass, scale, and texture exemplified in historic architecture while incorporating current technology and regionally influenced forms. The designs resulting from this philosophy have influenced regional design style, particularly for desert climates. His designs focus on the integration of natural light, embrace cross breezes, celebrate site-specific qualities and challenges, and connect interior and outdoor spaces to create a natural and structured environment for healthy and pleasant living. 

Where do you find your design influence?
The excitement of architecture and design has inspired Jon B to continuously expand his knowledge base. Jon B’s designs reflect his extensive and continuous travels undertaken for the primary purpose of learning and integrating applicable design influences. What started in the early days of his profession as random stops at drive-by job sites has evolved into multiple and continuous, architectural-based, international travel encompassing all continents except Antarctica. In addition to exploring historic sites and architecture, many of these journeys include visits to stone quarries, fabricators, showrooms, international fairs, and building-product sources.

Do you have a tried-and-true design formula?
Jon begins each new engagement as a co-design process with the client. This gives the client equity in the design and results in the best that both the architect and client have to offer to the task. This uncommonly empathetic architect/client relationship has frequently resulted in Jon being retained to design successive facilities for multiple clients seeking a repeat of the previous design experience.

7550 E. McDonald Dr.
Scottsdale 85250

Mark Tate, Tate Studio Architects

2021 MASTERS of the SOUTHWEST Award Winner - Architect

I was so humbled to be included as a Phoenix Home & Garden Master of the Southwest. To be a part of this special group of design professionals is truly an honor.

Tate Studio Architects’ portfolio focus is on custom residential design. As a natural extension, our portfolio also includes community centers, clubs, neighborhood park structures and monuments and planning. We are dedicated to our work and strive to make every design a unique and personal experience. It has been our pleasure to work with such great clients, and we are so fortunate to call them our friends.

Successful design is a team effort. We value the relationships and collaboration we have, not just within the Tate Studio team, but also with our consulting engineers, landscape designers, interior designers, craftsmen and builders on all of our projects.

2022 brings promises of new experiences, new challenges, pushing boundaries with new designs and creating new relationships with clients and friends. 

Tate Studio Architects

Peggy De La Garza, Trademark Landscape

2015 MASTERS of the SOUTHWEST Award Winner - Landscape Design

What have you been up to since being awarded Phoenix Home & Garden Masters of the Southwest recognition?
We have had the pleasure of continuing to serve our clients, many of whom return to us season after season, either to refresh older projects or start something completely new. And our company continues to grow as we welcome new homeowners who have followed our work and choose to partner with us based on our exceptional reputation for outstanding designs and thoughtful, personalized service. We’re so appreciative of our clients and are excited to move forward with fresh and innovative concepts.

What has happened since being named a MOTSW that you didn’t expect?
Our clients often tell us that they have sought us out based on our reputation, and when we complete their projects, that we’ve exceeded their expectations. They started with a vision, and when we finish designing and installing their new landscape, they are thrilled to discover that the final result is far beyond what they originally imagined. We have always strived for excellence in everything we do. Our clients know this and hold us to our high standards, which in turn motivates us to work even harder to create an environment that is even better than we anticipated. We want to remain at the top of our game, and we work hard to keep our client’s priorities the number one focus.

What are your tips for homeowners wanting to create a dream landscape?
Having a master plan with a clearly defined vision and hiring a licensed professional to bring that vision to life is something that I’ve always said is the first priority. Without that roadmap, a project can flounder, potentially failing to meet expectations, and possibly even costing more than is really necessary. But with the right plan and people, the possibilities are endless.

Trademark Landscape
22204 N 23rd Ave | Phoenix

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