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10 Luxury Items You Won’t Believe Were Found at My Sister’s Attic

While Scottsdale is home to a plethora of high-end furnishing and decor stores, savvy style mavens know where to find some of the finest and most unique designer pieces in town at far below retail prices: My Sister’s Attic. With three Valley locations and one in Southern California, the beloved locally owned consignment store is the spot where clever clientele will discover everything from artwork and dishware to chandeliers and seating sets—all of which are carefully selected by discerning consignment experts who know their Art Nouveau from their Art Deco. And best of all, every item in the store is available for a fraction of its original retail price, making this local treasure trove a favorite among style-conscious bargain hunters.

We rounded up 10 of the most amazing consignments that have been found at My Sister’s Attic throughout the years.

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1. Original pop art painting by Ron Burns

Known for his Fauvist-style portraits of man’s best friend, contemporary painter Ron Burns is a household name among pop art enthusiasts and dog lovers alike. An original pup painting by Burns called My Sister’s Attic home for a brief time before being snatched up by an ardent admirer.

Retail price: $6,500 / My Sister’s Attic price: $1,495

2. Dining table by Mackenzie-Childs

The iconic black-and-white checkerboard design from Mackenzie-Childs comes alive in this full-size dining table replete with whimsical, hand-painted details. The beloved brand creates high-end home goods, but frugal fans just might find a steal when shopping consignment.

Retail price: $21,000 / My Sister’s Attic price: $9,995

3. Upright piano owned by Alice Cooper

An all-time favorite consignment at My Sister’s Attic was a gorgeous upright piano that belonged to the family of the Godfather of Shock Rock himself, Alice Cooper. The musician, philanthropist and Phoenix local consigned the instrument years ago at the shop, where some lucky fan found this once-in-a-lifetime treasure.

Retail price: $31,000 / My Sister’s Attic price: $5,995 

4. Original lithograph by Pablo Picasso

While My Sister’s Attic is no stranger to fine art consignments, this authentic lithograph by Pablo Picasso was a fairly rare find. Many people with high-end artworks tend to seek out auction houses in hopes of getting top dollar. However, don’t underestimate My Sister’s Attic—the expert staff can command quite a bit of money for such unique and rare items as well.

Retail price: $21,000 / My Sister’s Attic price: $8,995

5. DS-600 sofa by Desede Furnishings

Designed in 1972 and making a stylish resurgence in the modern day, the DS-600 Sofa from Swiss brand Desede Furnishings is a modular sofa comprising individual segments that can be zipped together in nearly any configuration. This groovy symbol of ’70s style was sold at a fraction of its original price at My Sister’s Attic.

Retail price: $28,000 / My Sister’s Attic price: $9,995

6. Original Tulip 96 dining table by Eero Saarinen

Lovers of midcentury modern aesthetics never know what retro gems they’ll find when shopping consignment. Featuring a thin marble top set on a white metal base, this original Tulip dining table by famed post-war furniture designer Eero Saarinen was consigned at My Sister’s Attic.

Retail price: $9,000 / My Sister’s Attic price: $2,995

7. Soho tufted chaise sectional by Restoration Hardware

Looking for that perfect statement sofa that’ll fit the whole family? My Sister’s Attic is home to all sorts of items, from the tiniest of tea cups to the coziest of couches. This two-piece gray leather Soho sectional from Restoration Hardware shows no visible wear and is perfect for a large living area.

Retail: $17,000 / My Sister’s Attic price: $6,396

8. Modern dining set by Parnian

This 7-piece dining set from Arizona-based furniture design company Parnian features colorful painted detailing, blue cushioned seats and alluring contemporary flair. The round table and sleek chairs are perfect for a breakfast nook or small dining room.

Retail: $10,000 / My Sister’s Attic price: $2,995

9. Original landscape painting by Hermon Adams

Renowned for his evocative paintings of landscapes, animals and figures, Hermon Adams is an important name among collectors of Western art. One of his stunning landscape paintings was recently consigned at My Sister’s Attic.

Retail: $12,000 / My Sister’s Attic price: $3,995

10. Original bronze eagle statue by Eugene Morelli

When it comes to fine art, My Sister’s Attic doesn’t just deal in paintings. An original bronze statue of an eagle by Eugene Morelli made an impressive consignment item.   

Retail: $11,500 / My Sister’s Attic price: $3,995


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