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5 Books On Our Summer Reading List

The Photographer in the Garden

AUTHORS: Jamie M. Allen and Sarah Anne McNear

Filled with lush imagery and informative commentary, this coffee- table tome explores the spectacular world and rich history of gardens, as photographed through time by such luminaries as John Gossage, Imogen Cunningham and Sharon Core. $50 (

The Photographer in the Garden by Jamie M. Allen and Sarah Anne McNear
Hot Color, Dry Garden by Nan Sterman

Hot Color, Dry Garden: Inspiring Designs and Vibrant Plants for the Waterwise Gardener

AUTHOR: Nan Sterman

Author, botanist, TV host and garden designer Nan Sterman gives tips and busts myths about infusing your Southwestern landscape with color. With more than 150 suggestions for vibrant, drought-tolerant species, this book will inspire you to see your garden in a whole new light. $25 (

Charlotte Moss Entertains: Celebrations and Everyday Occasions

Charlotte Moss Entertains

Author: Charlotte Moss

Legendary interior designer Charlotte Moss celebrates gracious hospitality and entertaining with style in her new book. With advice, anecdotes and insights on everything from Christmas luncheons to breakfast in bed, this inside look at Moss’s personal philosophies will ensure you’re the host with the most. $50 (

Hanging Kokedama by Coreleigh Parker

Charlotte Moss Entertains: Celebrations and Everyday Occasions

AUTHOR: Coraleigh Parker

With step-by-step instructions, inspiring photographs and helpful tips, this how-to book aims to demystify the Japanese gardening art of kokedama. Learn how to create and care for hanging, potless arrangements with cacti, succulents, ferns, orchids and more. $30 (

Growing Something Different to Eat: Weird and Wonderful Heirloom Fruits and Vegetables for your Garden

AUTHOR: Matthew Riggs

As its title suggests, this in-depth guide encourages you to grow uncommon and unexpected produce in your own backyard. From finger limes to chia seeds to guava berries, you’ll find detailed instructions on how to cultivate these unusual specimens and how to enjoy them. $22 ( —CS


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