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TOWNhouse: New Design Studio is a Destination for All Lovers of Form, Function and Creativity

TOWNhouse is a unique concept space that incorporates furniture, visual art, culinary arts and a place for creatives to gather.

Eddy Doumas (right) discusses an upcoming presentation by an architect with associate Micah Kanehailua.

By Linda J. Barkman | Photography By Steve Craft

BACKGROUND: The seed for TOWNhouse started germinating some 20 years ago in Denver, where Eddy Doumas, who had an interior design practice called Worth Interiors, was working with smaller manufacturers and artisans to make custom furniture that wasn’t offered in the mass market. In 2003, he launched TOWN showrooms in Denver to augment his practice, and in 2015 he opened a showroom by the same name in The Scottsdale Design District. “When we brought TOWN to this market, we brought our established brands, many of which were multinational,” he notes. “As TOWN grew and our brands grew, I once again began looking for product that was artistic and not readily available, just as I had as an interior designer. That became my passion project and led to the birth of TOWNhouse.” Once he discovered that three fellow members of the ASU Art Museum Creative Impact Board shared his passion for the arts, the collaboration between Doumas, international art advisor Sarah Roy and culinary expert Mate Borja soon followed. “Over many discussions about our shared interest in creative culture, we decided to create a concept space that we could each lend our unique backgrounds and experience to,” explains Roy.

A recent stainless steel sculpture titled “Mx Gold & Silver, August 3, 2023 16:02” created by Mexican artist Aldo Chapparro, adorns the wall behind a mix of furniture and decor items ranging from a chair designed by Sergio Rodriguez in early 1980 and vintage cabinet designed by Adrian Pearsal in mid-1970 to papier-mâché lamps, steel sculptures and antique Chinese wine jugs.

Fast Facts

Founder: Eddy Doumas
Opened: September 2023

Location: 2720 N. 68th St., Suite 1, Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Hours: Mon.-Fri.; 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and by appointment
Phone: (480) 214-4792


CONCEPT: In addition to having an array of unique furniture and international art displayed in the 6,000 square-foot space, another key idea behind the concept of TOWNhouse is having a place where creatives—ranging from architects, artists and designers to chefs, writers, musicians and collectors—can gather and share ideas in an interactive environment. “We want to get away from everyone being on their own island,” says Roy. “We’re bringing in visual art and the culinary arts with the idea that you can live with art in all its forms, from what you sit on to what is on the walls to what you put on the table,” adds Doumas. “It’s the way we live, our lifestyle. It’s our respect for the creative process.” Ideas continue to percolate and include everything from lectures or seminars on various subjects to cooking demonstrations, book signings and curated dinners for small groups of people. “The general public is always welcome to come in and browse and to attend any of our lectures,” Roy adds. “We will also offer the space for private events.”

PHILOSOPHY: “In a nutshell, TOWNhouse celebrates the creative process with work from creatives who have influenced what is happening in the world today as well as emerging artists,” Doumas describes. 

INSPIRATION: “For me, it’s a moving target,” Doumas says. “Every day I’m inspired by something different. It’s all about how you observe the world and what you make of it. Like me, Sarah and Mate also have a hunger to learn; we learn something new every day.”

WHAT’S IN STORE: Along with a lovingly curated collection of vintage and modern classic-inspired furniture and lighting options, the expansive space showcases fine art as well as decor pieces ranging from tabletop sculptures to hand-blown ceramic vessels from Vietnam and vintage Kosta Boda glass and metal candlesticks from Sweden. “Everything is fluid; we change constantly,” notes Doumas, motioning toward two vintage cars on the floor that have been real
attention-getters. Pointing out another focal point, Roy says they are in the process of putting together a Library of Design Resources. “We want to include books about art, design, culinary ideas and architecture,” she notes. “We’re gathering unique books, old and new, some for sale and some to be perused in the library, including catalogs from European galleries and institutions.” The library anchors the free-flowing space on one end of the building while a working kitchen, complete with a cooking island to be used for culinary demonstrations and a place to gather, anchors it on the back wall.

WHAT’S AHEAD: “My long-term goal is to take our concept to other states and other countries,” Doumas reveals. “What we’re doing here is unique to Arizona, but it can be adapted to cities anywhere in the world. It’s all about getting people together who appreciate the creative process.”

“She Loves Her Horse” by American artist Kathy Kissik is a contemporary mixed-media piece consisting of wood, paint and reflective tape.
Designed by Adrian Pearsal and made of resin with a hand-applied bronze finish, this triangular fireplace was produced in the early 1970s.


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