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Top 2020 Custom Media Wall Design Trends

We’ve all heard of a home entertainment center or media wall, but what about a Thunderbird Wall?

Sponsored by Thunderbird Custom Design

At Thunderbird Custom Design, owner Brandon Luna and team not only assemble the custom Thunderbird Wall of your dreams, they are also the designers behind your entire vision from start to finish. Professionals are on hand to meet any design and installation need. They’re able to take your sketched design, images or designs from their gallery to develop a to scale 3D rendering – allowing you to see what your entertainment center will look like in your home. Whether you live in the Valley or not, count on them to design your wall and work with your contractor – bringing your vision to life. It’s Entertainment @ Your Service!

Phoenix Home & Garden magazine sat down with owner Brandon Luna to learn why you should choose a Thunderbird Wall to complete your home.

1. Blend form and function with custom component cabinets

The top priority of Thunderbird Custom Design is making sure electronic devices such as your television, speakers, and video game consoles are tastefully stored and woven into the design of your choice. The company’s professionals have an eye for making sure bulky wires and electronic equipment are not the focal point of your space. Choose from various types of wood, finishes, sizes and many other modifications to create the custom cabinets of your dreams. Their designers are able to accommodate cabinets in any dimension to fit any space in your home. Additionally, they offer full-service electronic audio and video sales.

2. Embellish with custom floor to ceiling lighting

Custom lighting adds a bit of ambiance and charm to your space and also highlights your decorative pieces. Opt for soft lighting that provides enough light to see when necessary, but not so much that it detracts from your Saturday-night movie or conversation over drinks. Thunderbird Custom Design offers decorative recessed LED lighting and strip lights for whatever your needs may be.

3. Add texture with natural stone, wood or tile accents

Opt for a stacked stone or sleek wood and tile accents for an elegant and luxurious addition to your space. Implementing a wide range of natural hues can create either a soft, organic, or more polished style. Whichever suits your needs – know how impactful an accent wall can be.

4. Create dimension with Wood Beams or Shelves

Select your preferred type of softwood or hardwood such as pine, oak, ash, or beech, although the company’s standard wood species is Alder. Mix and match different natural colors and play with sizes to achieve your desired look. Solid live edge shelves such as walnut and juniper are also an option for a rustic look. Floating wood beams and shelves are a popular choice with our clients.

5. Warm up with a gas or electric fireplace

Yes, even in Arizona! On those chilly winter nights, a gas or electric fireplace or firebox incorporated with your Thunderbird Wall creates an optimal cozy atmosphere. Gas fireplaces require a vent, while electric fireplaces are do not and can easily be placed anywhere within your wall.

6. Achieve ultimate versatility using drywall

Using drywall, a common construction material, allows the team at Thunderbird Custom Design to dream up unlimited design possibilities for their clients. The team creates custom interior walls that are incredibly easy to install, durable and easy to repair if needed.

7. Custom design allows you to work with any space

Customization allows you to be creative with any size space. From large to small, awkward to simple, the only limitation is your imagination. When you decide to customize, you are able to turn any area into the focal point of the room with a Thunderbird Wall.

Bring Thunderbird Custom Design your design inspiration or have them draft a design for you, and they will create the Thunderbird Wall of your dreams!
Thunderbird Custom Design designs and builds unique custom media walls, traditional media walls, and custom entertainment centers. The company has an A+ rating with the Arizona BBB and is licensed, insured, and bonded to work throughout Arizona. They offer full design services and installation within the Valley and will work with your contractor if you’re located outside of Maricopa County, Arizona. A two-year warranty on labor and material is provided free of charge on all projects.

Visit to get started on your Thunderbird Wall today!

Check out their incredible before and afters.


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