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This Whimsical Wallpaper Was Inspired by Arcadia

Two longtime friends commemorate their neighborhood with a homey homage.

By Rachel Kupfer

Phoenix interior designer Jaimee Rose and local artist Amy Crist have teamed up to celebrate a beloved Valley neighborhood in a new way. Their Arcadia-inspired wallpaper features illustrations of notable neighborhood destinations that Phoenicians are sure to recognize. Influenced by hand-drawn city maps, Crist says, her renderings include local landmarks such as the original Postino, Tee Pee Tap Room, Tarbell’s, Camelback Flowershop, The Henry and Camelback Mountain.

“This wallpaper highlights the businesses in the backgrounds of our lives: the places we meet friends for coffee and the restaurants in which we celebrate our birthdays,” Rose says. “I love that this small pocket of Phoenix has such a microculture of local eateries and small shops where neighbors come together.”

Evident in the wallpaper’s lively personality is the warm relationship between the two designers, who are close friends outside of work. Many of the spots included are where they catch up on life and laughter, Crist says.

This unique wallcovering is imbued with love, and Crist’s charming graphics brought the dream to life, Rose notes. The pair hopes to soon release Gilbert, Central Phoenix and Valley of the Sun wallpapers as well.

“We want to capture the playfulness of our city,” Crist says. “Whether it’s celebrating something special or catching up with friends over brunch, there’s something for everyone in Phoenix.” (


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