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This Vibrant Plant is Perfect for Your Summer Garden

The bright-blooming queen’s wreath vine thrives in desert heat.

By John Roark | Photography by Katie Coates

“When we—and many of the plants in our gardens—are feeling lethargic during the lazy days of summer, the queen’s wreath vine (Antigonon leptopus) is saying, ‘Bring it on!’” notes landscape designer Katie Coates.

This fast-growing creeper packs a punch of jaw-dropping color just when other Valley flora look like they want to give up. Heart-shaped lime-green foliage contrasted with clusters of pink-fuchsia flowers brings a welcome burst of late-summer beauty to trellises, arbors and fences; it also does well as a groundcover. “This vine is beautiful in and of itself,” says Coates. “When it blooms, it will knock your socks off.”


BLOOMS: Spring through fall

SIZE: Vines can reach 30′-40′ in length

SOIL: Well-drained

LIGHT: Full, partial and filtered sun; does well in reflected heat

WATER NEEDS: Occasional deep watering once established

ELEVATIONS: Low to middle; cold-hardy to 32 degrees


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